Thursday, December 16, 2010


Most folks know that the newest rage in MTB lighting, the MagicShine, has recalled the battery. I have a few friends that have received an email from GeoMan where we ordered these. I have heard pros and cons about these lights.

The pros are it's light and easy to use, compact, tiny light weight battery, brighter than Niterider are just some of the pros. Now the cons. Cheaply made, won't last, made in China? are just some of the cons. Now with the battery recall I hear more negative remarks against this little light.

I don't know what the problem is. For what we paid for this we could buy 3 if not 4 of these compared to buying one Niterider. So if they tear up each year, no big deal! Just get another one! I have had no problems so far and likewise for the friends of mine that have these as well. The recall, for what I can tell by reading up on it, is for the battery shorting or catching fire. I disassembled my battery to see what the fuss is about. My battery was not waterproof by no means. It looks like it was just heat shrink wrapped around the four 18650 lithium batteries hard wired into a small pc board 1.25 in X 1.25 in. Thank goodness I'm a wimp and do not ride in nasty wet weather my battery would have most likely shorted or worse. One can find these batteries on FleaBay for $20-$30 that have a nice rubber boot concealing the lithium batteries now. I have also seen the new MagicShine battery that is enclosed inside a round plastic container.

I took it upon myself to remedy mine:

Enter Plasti Dip, the rubberized tool coating.

For $ fix to make my battery WATERPROOF!

After the second "dipping" it's getting a nice fat coat of plastic to seal it from the elements.
I may give it one more for good measure.

So that's what I have been doing because I would rather not be out in this:

Oh yea the C.R.A.W.L. bike is covered in ice! Poor Moon Dog......... December 16, 2010.

LAter G...............................

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Riding with dogs said...

I agree with you dude, battery dies, toss it buy another.