Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I made my mind up last week that I would get back to my roots in cycling. I grew up on a BMX bike and have raced for years. The last three of four years I have slacked on going to the track but I still did a couple of races a year. Two years ago I even tried racing at the Morristown Indoor national. I managed a 2nd overall in the 20" which I didn't think was too bad for being off the 20" hoops for a while.

Thanks to the NBL revamping how they issue licenses and race fees I'm super excited to get back to the track. I feel like I'm 13 again waiting for the schedule to be posted. Thanks to B and Haro bikes I'm set up to ride the 2011 season on Haro's BMX lineup. Below the Pro Race 24" cruiser and below that the 20"Pro XL Plus. The 20" is last years bike but I'm not complaining for what I got it for. I would have like to have the matching 20" to the 24" but the frame is a tad bit short for an old man.

The NBL's chief Ex officer Bob Tedesco had been around for ages and let the attendance drop which led to a decline in interest of BMX racing. The ABA league reaped the benefits of this at nearby tracks. Well there is a new sheriff in town for the NBL and he's totally rearranged how they do business. I have heard lots of talk and a refreshing buzz in the world of BMX in our area since, enough to get me started again. I absolutely love BMX, I always have and always will !

National race in Morristown 2nd place above

Leading the 20" old man's class above

Florida Christmas classic in Orlando

Like I stated before I'm really excited about this years NBL program. We have already sold several mini's and regular 20" bikes at the shop, I hope I see them stick with it. I was told by the local cult hero that he may be contesting a few races himself, he bought my SE Floval Flyer back that I bought from him a year ago. I think that several of the ETSU guys will be taking their slalom bikes down as well to race in the cruiser classes. So all this said, should be a good year!

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Stu Luttrell said...

Great to see another one of the Ex-BMXers rejoining the ranks, nice bikes. FastBMX Blog


Thanks Stu! Nice blog !!!