Thursday, January 20, 2011

3 point 5 = AWESOME

Just wanted to drop a line for 3 point These guys rock! 3 point 5 is an industry based organization that combines most of the industry's leading manufacturers into one website. Not everyone can join though. You must be employed by some company that sells or works "in the industry". After registering they will check to see if you are legit with where you claim to be associated then you are free to roam on the site.

After getting setup you may train, online, with any of the companies and their products. There's a catch though, it makes you want to train (test)! After the training you will take a quick test online having to get a certain percentage right before you can continue. Just last week I was on the site for over 3 hours testing. The tests consist of; history of the company, product line and product features. Here's the bonus, if you take the tests you will get percentages off company's small stores inside 3point5. The more you test the bigger your discounts are off WHOLESALE, yes wholesale! I like it because you can stay on top of companies product lines and when someone (ie; customer) asks you about something you can give them an honest informative answer. The sweet butchered discounts are nice too!

Today I scored big! A new Giro prolight for a ridiculously low price along with some sweet lobster style winter gloves. I'm not a big cold weathered rider but after not getting to ride much lately I will/have ventured out into the frigid temps to get my fix, these will help!

I may add some (gulp) running soon to my exercises. Iron Man Dillow is always inviting me to tag along when he runs sometimes and I tend to refuse due to the fact, that since Austin stopped Cross Country running in school I don't have any motivation, I suck at running. My plan is to get on that dreadmill at the CPA some and see where it goes. Just some supplemental running nothing serious! I'm only looking to do 5K's in the sub 30 minute range is all.

LAter G...........................

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