Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not Much Happening

Today I parked my rear in front of my laptop for about 4 solid straight hours knocking out some History and Economics online exams and quizzes. Yes it was very boring but 4hrs a week sure beats the heck out of sitting in a classroom for a total of 12 hours a week. It was also raining all day so really I wasn't yearning to be outside.

B has been in a snow storm in Minneapolis, Mn. for the weekend and part of the first of the week attending frostbike. He usually scores big when he visits QBP's scratch and dent sale. This year he said there wasn't all that much to choose from. We did score a few gems that he specifically told me to keep quite about. He usually gives this stuff away for ridiculously cheap prices but I have been working on him and he's starting to see the light. Yea, it's ok to hook people up but giving stuff away at stoopid low prices? NO! One year he sold XTR complete cranksets, like new, for $125! Yea, I'm talking way cheaper than the Internet! I just scratch my head.......

Earlier this week I stumbled across some really ignorant videos of some kook in Oklahoma...

The more I looked on youtube the more goofy videos I found. Apparently his buddy that edited video for him had a parting of the ways and posted tons of embarassing videos of him. Well that's all the entertainment I have for you for now. If you are reading this locally stop by this Saturday at the Johnson City Texas Roadhouse for the ETSU Cycling Clubs pancake breakfast fundraiser for the team that last from 8-10am for $5 per person, all you care to eat. Afterwards, Capt. Dingo has a ride planned to burn off all the syrup that you soaked your pancakes in!

This weekend the TCRC Juniors will be heading back down to Greeneville, SC for more of the spring training series. Good luck guys! Last week most of our guys that live here were involved in a huge crash that involved about 96% of the CAT4 field. A TCRC member broke his spine/back in 4 different places by driving his head into the asphalt like a lawn dart during the group crash. He's lucky to be alive! Heal quick dude!

The new Barberito's jerseys have arrived! This year they changed up some of the colors. They incorporated a little more black that really makes the lime green "POP" more than they used to, I'm looking forward to getting me one soon! Pic soon!

LAter G...........................

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