Friday, February 25, 2011


Today Capt. Dingo and Fat Tony ventured over to the local television station in Bristol for an interview about the upcoming IMBA visit. Last year the IMBA trail care crew showed up for some instructional trail building and classroom instruction with some riding as well. This year they are back! March 5-6 are the dates for the crew to help out on the Big Oak Trail at Bay's Mtn Park. There are a couple of spots that need some work because they stay wet all the time and aren't laid out very well.

I ran all over the College of Nursing where I work part time for ETSU trying to find a TV feed that wasn't blocked. I managed but I didn't think I was going to make it in time for their interview. They did an absolutely wonderful job in front of the camera getting the info out and promoting the NTMBA as well. I would have been a nervous wreck! Great job guys!

In the morning the second annual ETSU pancake fundraiser breakfast is already here again. If your local come on out talk some bikes and fill up your tank with pancakes for $5 all you care to eat!!
LAter G.........................

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