Saturday, February 26, 2011


I will be the first to admit that I'm not the prettiest thing to look at but I made a heck of a waiter this morning. I have a problem that to me really isn't a problem but to some it offends, if you want something done right do it yourself, that way I'm the only one I can blame. I started out manning the front door at the Texas Roadhouse but we were running on a skeleton crew because alot of the kids were calling in last minute telling me that they couldn't make it, pfffft kids! But, we were all young and irresponsible at one point in our lives so no sweat. After we got a hostess (aka Nathan's GF) I was able to lend a hand out on the floor. We did alright too! Attendance was down from last year but thanks to some individual donations we almost cleared what we did last year! Ultra uber special thanks goes out to Karen at TXR, she always goes way past the call of duty and delivers!! Thanks again Karen!!! Also thanks to everyone that attended and we hope to see you next year.

Pancakes anyone?
There was also several rides going on to burn off all those "cakes". My plan was to hit the woods with Capt. Dingo but logistics blew that out of the water, I should have known that it was mostly impossible to get to the trails by 11am when the fundraiser was scheduled to be over by 10:30. Some late arrivals kept a couple of us tied up serving so I was unable to to make the knobby tired ride, I think I left TXR at 11:05. I'm actually glad I missed it though, I got in a better ride than I would have if I had taken the mtb out no doubt. I hadn't ridden with the "King of Cross" in a long time so that was nice and I was able to talk a couple of the ETSU guys out on the skinnies as well. It was a good ride, a little fast for this early in the season, almost half a century though. I'm thankful that we have this weather and it's still February!!! More riding tomorrow as long as the weather holds out, 50% chance of sunshine!
LAter G.....................


Riding with dogs said...

No the "King of Cross" was riding the fat tires with me. Are you sure you got a better ride in?


Im assuming you rode 15 like usual? 20 max? 45 on da road was much better..... To me. I guess there"s two kings then.