Thursday, February 3, 2011


Ok, here's the 2011 lineup for BMX. The Haro ProXL 20" in white and Pro Race 24" in matte black. I took these out earlier today and tried some sprints. Man, I have a long way to go. No Engine at all. I hope that either Mo-town or Weaverville gets their tracks up and running so I can get some MUCH needed practice! Gotta love the custom Hampton Trails number plates! I want to thank Brian at the shop and Haro Bikes for their generosity !! You all rock!!!

The first things I changed out were of course the Intense micro knobbies to the Maxxis Holy Roller tires, Maxxis has supported an old slow fart like me for a long time, they are the best in the business in my opinion! Next was the cranks, nothing but Redline proline 2's here. I'm oooogling over the newer 2.5's though.

Same here, new Maxxis kicks and the Redline flight 2's. Woot woot!!!

ready to go! lets get that track open!


I took the above Haro pics and as I was putting them in the correct folders in the new laptop I came across some of my older bikes that I had restored. I thought I would share some:

A 1980's Robinson that I restored

An early 90's GT

Here's a floval fyler that I picked up for $75 at a NBL National and sold for $500 two days later!

1980's Diamond Back with Tuf II wheels

This was my best one .... 1980's Kuwahara! Look closely, those are the real deal Mitsubishi Stadium Comp Tires on there!

I really enjoy the BMX thing, I always have and always will. Some may think it funny or weird that a man my age still "plays" on a BMX track. I had a person tell me once, "how many men your age can do that? not a whole lot!" that made me feel pretty good. I'm getting the cabin fever pretty bad after these past few days of warm weather although today got down right nippy. I'm ready to go!

I had mentioned the great 3point5 website for peeps in the industry a few posts back. I wandered over to the Easton page where I had earned quite a nice discount testing for the knowledge of their product. I was rewarded with these:


LAter G.............................

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