Monday, January 31, 2011


Wow! this weekend the temps were in the 50's. A huge change from the freezing temps and snow that we have become accustomed to over the last 8 weeks. Saturday began with some good ole trail maintenance. There was a bridge that crosses a gap that had been worrying some people so the NTMBA decided to give it a face lift. I never minded crossing the old one pretty much never paid it no mind when crossing over it but I will admit it wasn't very safe. Our fearless leaders Joe and Ben organized a war party for Saturday to tackle this project. Several of us toted the supplies, lumber and tools needed down to the work sight via the interstate.

Hi! Olga snapping a pic from down in the gap that the new bridge will span.

Good crew at work here.

Me tamping some dirt around the new 6x6 in the ground.

Finished product (photo credits: Olga Davis)

After the project I was planning on doing some riding. I brought the BMC for a lap if not two around Warrior's trails. I think I was the first to cross the finished bridge although two riders walked across it while we were in the middle of laying the main boards down just before nailing them into the cross beams. Soon after the bridge the trails turned to slop. I tried to stay to the right or left as to not to tear them up or damage the trails. It was very soupy in many spots. After getting around Darwins Trail I aimed my front wheel back to the parking lot. I was done and quite sad, oh how I wanted to ride Saturday. I just went to the house and cleaned the bike that's all the riding I would be doing for the day.

Sunday comes and I'm up and at'em beside myself because I didn't know where I wanted to ride. I wanted to ride the mountain bike since I didn't get much time in the saddle Saturday but it was going to be even warmer Sunday so a road ride sounded sooooo tempting. Some friends were doing a ride in Bristol with the juniors but I didn't want to drive to exit 7, 40 minutes away. Several groups were doing their own little rides and I had been invited to several. In the end my roots won out so I was off to Bays Mtn. with the mountain bike. I got held up while trying to leave the house and didn't get there at 12 like I wanted to so I could get an hour in before everyone arrived. So I sat patiently until everyone got there. There were so many people riding Sunday too. We saddled up and off to the top of the mountain we pedaled. I had no idea where we were headed so I lagged in the rear until we got to the top. I managed to get ahead of the group and get too much of a gap unintentionally. I didn't know the group was headed off the backside and ended up turning left at the very top. At the end of the day I had managed to get about 5 more miles than the group and did it non-stop which was quite refreshing, I needed that! I had a solid 1hr 45 minutes of saddle time with no break... sweet! sweet! sweet! The bike fit is paying for itself for sure - no back pain at all after or during that ride, thanks Ronnie Dean! Hopefully I can get another one like that in sometime this week. I think there was talk of a night ride Thursday, looking forward to that if it doesn't rain.

While doing some product training on 3point5 today I stumbled across some very interesting information about Thule products.

1. They have a lifetime warranty
2. They are made right here on the good ole USA
3. They have a Solar Panel array on top of their main manufacturing plant and it supplies 26% of their total energy costs in running the plant!

I'm a total fan of renewable energy sources and I love it when I see companies using free energy and not using oil or coal. Ok that was my hippie moment, back to our regular scheduled broadcasts.......................

LAter G..................

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