Thursday, March 3, 2011


With the new rules concerning sports clubs at ETSU they are wanting us to do some sort of community service if I'm not mistaken in the field of what your club represents. It's not mandatory but I try to satisfy all suggestions that come from where the funds are supplied. This year AGAIN the ETSU Cycling club will handle bike patrol for the Chasing Snakes 10K on March 12th. They also have a 4K walk that would be more up my alley! Anywho that's our little contribution to the JC community.

Now for my little project I'm letting out of the bag. I started not to say anything on here but maybe I can acquire some help by posting some details. Firstly, I posted on FB looking for a kiddie cart like the pic below. I have some LED lights to attach to something like this and I'm having a huge "3ft Law" sign made for the back of it so I can raise awareness for the law and safety of road cyclists in the Tri-Cities region. I haven't set any dates but my goal is to ride it from JC to Bristol, JC to Kingsport and finally Bristol to Kingsport. If there's any time in my schedule I will add some other routes as well maybe not as long. If anyone has anything that could be useful please contact me! I hope to get the local media and TV stations involved as well.

If I could mount a beacon on top somehow that has a flashing strobe of yellow that would be optimal. I also have, from my trucking days, a LED, arrow flashing, stick on sign to warn motorists to the left, I'm thinking this needs to be integrated and used somehow!

I will also be brushing up on the law as well. Every link that I can find to take me to the actual bill is broken it seems. I guess I will have to wade through all the yuk and muck of a ( webpage it seems unless any of my blogging friends have any working links.

Last year when I got the carbon BMC TE01 it had me all ancy about riding the mountain bike all the time. Then after acquiring the BMC fourstroke all I wanted to do is ride mountain bikes. I think I threw my leg over the BMC road bike a half dozen times up til December. The bug is back though, no not the coughing one, the road bug! Now with the warming weather all I want to do is ride the road bike everywhere, yes I have spring fever. When I do ride the mtb now it's because of my buddies that I want to hang out with, not the mtb, weird huh?
Capt. Dingo and I always pick at each other every chance we get. Some directly, some indirectly, it's hard to tell sometimes. He left the door wide open for this one though....

"This is mountain biking and to me if you're a true mountain biker you ride all the time, not just when the trails are dry, the skies are blue and the birds are chirping. If you can't handle getting your bike dirty every once in a while maybe you should stick to the pavement or find another sport."

I may be paranoid but the clean bike pun is prob at me, maybe not. Anywho I'm not going to pass a chance to bust on him, I wouldn't be me if I did. I'm not going to lie, I like to keep my bikes all clean after every ride and I'm not a fan of riding in the mud/harming trails. But I must ask Capt. Dingo - "are you a true camper like you are a 'true mountain biker'?" Using YOUR definition examples then the definition of "true" should see you sleeping on the ground and under a lean-to. I'm glad you didn't write the dictionary for all mankinds sake....... ;-) lol.
your turn homie...

LAter G.............................

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