Sunday, March 6, 2011


This weekend the IMBA Trail Care Crew visited our little NTMBA club again here in East Tennessee. Steve and Morgan Lommele showed up in their little tricked out "clown car" that Morgan liked to call it. I thought it was a pretty sweet ride! Even though it had a couple of Treks mounted on top, lol just kidding.

Thursday Texas Roadhouse hosted the club for dinner. After getting introduced to the Lommele's, the IMBA crew, they gave an hour long power point presentation about managing your MTB club, it was pretty good so was the grub! Friday they were back at it up at Bays but classes prevented me from attending. I would have much rather been up on the trail instead of in school. Saturday morning, back at Bays, they were giving another PPT presentation albeit a bit lengthy. Texas Roadhouse once again stepped up and catered some tasty BBQ for everyone that attended, TXR you guys rock!! After the class they were headed up to perform a reroute on a wet nasty section of the Big Oak Trail that was long overdue. I had fatherly duties shuttling the Austin man off to his school for a program that he was working at that prevented me from swinging a McCloud Saturday. They had about 30 peeps so they weren't hurting for help. It was nice to see some strange faces help out too! There was forestry service personel and some members from the MC/ATV club that helped which I thought was super cool! They managed to get the reroute finished before the rains set in so super mad props go out to all the volunteers for getting it done! Thanks guys! Later that evening Capt. Dingo and wife hosted a social at his house for the IMBA crew. I decided to hang with Austin since I hadn't seen him much that day and didn't attend. You will have to rely on Capt. Dingo for pics & info on that gathering.

Sunday arrives and there was a group ride that was supposed to happen with the IMBA crew before they departed even though I think most folks new it was going to be a washout. We were lucky to dodge the weather Saturday! It started snowing about 10am Sunday and it layed it down! Mr. Weatherman got caught with his pants down on this one! Heck I think he got caught freakin' naked! There was no mention of snow in the forecast only rain and 50* .... buzzzzz - WRONG ! In the higher elevations it snowed 6 inches! We only received 1.5 just enough to cover the ground and hamper riding. I did manage to get some homework finished after taking Austin back to his Moms so I'm ahead in history for a week at least. So thanks to Richard Hyland for arranging the Trail care Crew and all the logistic involved, it was his first major event being the new Events Coordinator and he hit a grand slam! Good Job Richard!

LAter G......................

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