Friday, March 11, 2011


Yesterday while it was raining I was out doing some errands and delivering bike parts from an AKS Lynskey shakedown. Applebeast shoots me a text asking if I want to meet him for some brewskies at Knights Pizza (JC's cyclists fav pizza pub near campus). I arrive a little late and we order a pie and discuss some upcoming trail work coming up at ETSU, good times.

As we are sitting there B-Rad's wife rolls in and she didn't notice us so I had to be a juvenile and hit her with a paper ball napkin in the head. Just me being me. She comes over and haggles me about the chops again then tells us about B-Rad's adventure in the morning on Buffalo Mtn. I sent him a couple of texts and the plan was made, ride from his pad at 8:45 with Ben. I was looking forward to it since I had not ridden with Ben and B-Rad in a while. I go to bed that night pretty stoked.

EARLY in the a.m. I get a call from B needing help at the shop, he never calls early! double ding dang dog goneit! I send B-Rad the text I'm skipping, crap. I did get some more shut eye though if that's of any signifigance. The shop work has been slow of late. B is selling bikes like candy bars but the repairs are slow and that's my gig. So I have to jump when there's work! I did get everything caught up and finally worked on the air9 demo. I'm a sucker for the Kawasaki green so this bike has me revved up just for the looks of it. Sweetest color Niner makes hands down!

I get a call from a bud of mine looking to buy a 29er. He said that he wanted to ride one first so I busted my hump to finish the build and hooked a brother up. He's riding it with Iron Man Dillow Sunday @ N. Wilkesboro. B had enough high end parts to make it a sweet little ride but the brakes?? What's homie thinkin? This new stuff that has hit the market, (CLARKE) inexpensive bike parts, so I'm looking forward to see how they perform. Fulcrum Wheels, Reba XX fork, SLX & XT drivetrain should make for a decent little ride. It's hard to believe that with all these parts just thrown together we have a retail accumulative price of a smidge over $2800 invested, dang, that's retail though and everyone knows we don't sell retail. On another high-end bike note another Santa Cruz Tallboy was ordered today! Full XTR dynasys build too...... can you say S~W~E~E~T ???

Spring Break was a total BUST! Rained almost all week, snowed, should have done more school work than I did and feel like I was ripped off by not getting to ride what and where I had planned. No palooza for me! Ok, enough pity party - I did see on the weather channel that next weeks temps are going to be in the 70's! March: in like a lion out like a lamb yo!

Last but not least please take a minute out of your day to say a prayer for all the people in Japan and also take a few minutes to be thankful how blessed we all are! ~ peace.

LAter G..........................

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Anthony Duncan said...

That Niner frame looks small, but I do dig that green color too!

BTW, my captcha word was 'hater'.