Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dirt Jumps???

My Saturday began by getting up early, heading to the shop to lust after a Santa Cruz carbon Tallboy. B sold this beauty last week and it arrived Friday needing to be built for it's new owner asap! These bikes are just bad ass, period! Retail I think for this bike was $7500 with a full XTR build but you know B, it was alot cheaper than that. I had to know what it weighed after getting her finished so I locked the scale into the stand and hung that beautiful piece of art into the hook of the scale............. 25.2 lbs with no pedals, WOW!

The shopped was swamped all day! I felt bad for having to split after 1pm but I needed to help the guys on the trail building at ETSU since we were approved for few thousand dollars of machinery to work on the trails with. I didn't have my phone with me to snap a pic so I robbed this one from the web. This is what the guys on the team have been doing all week. I must interject that I have no idea on how to build one of these jumps but the kiddos do! The DJ line is almost finished and it will have three different lines so even a lowly XC rider like myself can ride through the line to boost their self confidence!

I wanted to get a ride in Saturday evening but since Austin is competing out of town quite a bit with forensics I have to make the most of the time I have with him, he's growing up fast, almost 16 and he's driving now too! My plan for today was return the A-man back to his mothers, come home, start (maybe finish?) some homework, ride and ride a few hours at least, I NEED IT. I left the house (on bike) headed to ETSU for some laps. AC hit me up earlier and I wanted to go with him because he would have pushed me physically but he was riding too early for my schedule so I was left solo, which I do alot of. Just as I got over to the trails I get a call from Austin's mother wanting to get his cell that he left in my car. She said it would be a couple of hours though. I still had some time to do the ride that I planned so I was going to try to accomplish the plan. Two laps at ETSU then back on the road headed to Buffalo, yep Buffalo.... Those big ole knobbies don't get you anywhere fast on the road ya know and they sing like a Alabama redneck's mudder Ford F-150 4x4 with 42 x 12.50's, very annoying. I only get to the top of Buffalo and decided that my time would run out before I could get to the firetower so I turned around and headed to the house to make sure I was back to get them his cell. It was a good ride so I'm grateful! The weather is going to be pretty nice this week so, mo bike, mo bike, mo bike! This coming weekend is a little bit too far away to go with what the weather man is forecasting but more BMX this coming Saturday if the weather does what he says! Woot woot! Then Sunday? Ugh, a collegiate crit @Clemson, that's going to hurt.

Our club, NTMBA, will be invoked into the SORBA this weekend at Dupont in N.C. so those folks should have a nice time. Boring classes but killer riding for sure, hate I'm not going to be there but I'm getting back to my roots, BMX.

Later G..........................

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