Sunday, March 27, 2011


Well the renovations of the 4X, dirt jumps and slalom course is well on it's way, only the weather has slowed any progress down on that part. The club and a few of the people that get things done at ETSU for cycling though have hit the regular "red tape" that comes with all things when you include anything governmental. One of the Dr.'s that we have to continually go through to get anything approved lost our renovation request in 1 day when Applebeast dropped it off for one of the several signatures we need to finish the parking lot. Applebeast has alot more patience when it comes to dealing with these type folks than I do, that's one reason I would never make it in corporate America, another is that I'm outspoken. Yes, I usually say things that most people think but won't say. Hopefully all the signatures that are required will be attained soon so the new parking lot can be completed.

More politics; the ETSU cycling club is now an official club of IMBA. We can use the benefits that being a club affiliate with IMBA provides such as liability insurance for the courses! Campus Rec asked me look into this and I'm glad I did. I'm surprised that no other Presidents' before me had checked on this! More news; my local MTB Club "NTMBA" was recently voted into SORBA! More positive things happening for mountain biking, heck yea!!!

Now for "Hot Air"; I hear people "talk" in both diciplines (road & mtb) about how they want races that are close by so they don't have to travel. The ETSU Nationals Qualifier is coming up on April 9th. It consists of Downhill, 4X and Slalom on Saturday and will qualify everyone for the Nationals that will be held at Beech Mountain this year in Banner Elk, N.C. in September. On Sunday we will hold an Cross Country XC event as well. I'm hoping to draw alot more entrants in XC than the last two years, if not oh well. If attendance is not what I'm hoping for then next year (2012) we will cater only to the diciplines that attend and not worry about the XC crowd. Everyone has "reasons" but if something shows up in your back yard that you are a huge supporter of and you are not willing to show up and support it? ......People probably won't miss it until it's gone....

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