Monday, March 28, 2011


Hot off the presses ! Santa Cruz is bringing the 29er heat! An aluminum version of the Tallboy and a carbon hardtail as well! We have already sold a couple of the carbon Tallboys so if the price is right I'm expecting the aluminum version to be H~O~T! Made in China but at least they're still powdercoating them here in the good ole USA. photo credits: bikerumor Go here for all the latest news on Santa Cruz! Bikerumor has the latest dish on the bikes!

On another note I'm a sucker for a sweet looking cruiser bike no doubt! Have you seen the lineup for Huffy? Man, coming from being the bike of the gutter and the center of all low-end bike jokes these new ones have some style. They must have hired someone with a graphics background or something! Their stuff, well it doesn't look g~r~e~a~t, it doesn't look like crap anymore either! Click on the Huffy graphic for a peek.... Anything with a 6pk & a single beer holder has my vote!

On the 29er front the Lynskey Ridgeline is stayin' ............ for at least a little while..........

say what?

LAter G.....................

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