Friday, April 29, 2011


This big thing fell at a friend of mine's house.

Here's an ariel view of the Petro truck stop at exit 29 in Glade Springs, Va. It scattered big rigs all over the place and destroyed the truck stop. I used to fill my Peterbilt up in there when I drove the big rigs.

Creeper Trail below, day before....

Check this out! This is the trestle bridge on the Virginia Creeper Trail near Abingdon, Va. around the 10 mile marker on the trail. Below is the"after" the tornado went through there. It's totally destroyed now and I heard that the Creeper is closed at Abingdon but you can still access it near Damascus, Va.

I look for a re-route soon as this would be very expensive to replace!

Please keep the people of the Southeast in your prayers please!

LAter G.......................

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