Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sea Otter

Well B left out Monday morning for Santa Cruz, California as a guest of BMC. Yea, once again BMC is treating our Carter County's finest to ANOTHER trip out of Hampton. Sad thing is he's not staying for all the racing at the SOC. He's out there huddled up with the BMC peeps and all the techy stuff. Lucky dog, errrrr opps otter? When he got out there he called and said it was only 58*, wHaT? I said. No bikinis on the beach just blue skies and cool weather is all. I'm hoping that they will have the new 29er, that's being released later this year, on show. Oh and don't forget boss...... I wear a size large in that jersey they gave you ! So it's just little ole me at the shop until Friday! I sure hope I don't wake up with allergies like I did this morning. It was sooo bad I stayed in bed til 8, got up made breakfast and sat at the laptop for 7 hours doing homework and working on a digital media drawing and project. After all that I needed to do something on a bike so I was able to get a quick road ride in out at Piney. They have a cool group ride that leaves there every Wed at 6pm so I saddle up and rode out to their shop from the house. Thanks to the Tankerslys' for keeping the pace hot! I managed to keep up with those kids until the last hill, whew. Well it's crunch time! 2 more weeks of school left so these next couple weeks are going to be stress-heavy! So, on that note I'm headed to Mo-Town all weekend for some.... no, not any Tn Cup endurance racing but BMX. Big NBL series event happening at the track this weekend! First outdoor National ever so I want to be a part of it for sure, I hope I've had enough racing to be competitive because this IS my home track!

LAter G..........................

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