Monday, April 18, 2011

Riders Ready... Watch the Gate...

Saturday morning I had the alarm set for 6:30 am to make a call to James Crockett, the President of Morristown BMX, to see if the races were still on. After a short chat he said come on down, it's on. Thanks to all the tarps and plastic we put in place a couple of weeks ago after our regular race. If James had not had these tarps for us to cover the track with this past weekend it would have been a bust. I arrived and immediately started helping with the tarp removal. I haven't been to Morristown consistently in about three years but everyone has treated me like I never have missed a day, that's nice! It felt good pitching in drying up a couple of wet spots where water got under the tarps. It was pretty muddy in a couple of spots but a dozen of the 50lb baseball field dryer "stuff" dried up the bad spots pretty quick. It's race time now!
I was skeptical about how I would do against some of the regions best but this is where my roots are in cycling so I was hoping for some good results to come out of this, we'll see. First motos I did pretty good on the 20" and not too shabby in the cruiser either, sorta surprised myself. I did get pimped off the track in one of my cruiser motos and that peee'd me off a bit but I got over it. After the race I helped cover the track back up because the weather forecast called for a slight chance of showers and we didn't want to take any chances.

Sunday was a different story, my legs didn't want to leave the Super 8 where I stayed that night. On top of that it was a nice 37* from what I heard on the radio, my overhead dash thermometer confirmed it! I took my bikes to the starting hill and then huddled back in the car to stay warm. Well I rarely ever warm up for anything and today was no different so when the gate dropped on my first 20" moto my legs weren't on the same page at all. I rolled off that hill like a snail on a spring morning and it was all I could do to get 4th outa 5 of us. the whole morning I couldn't manage to do anything right in the 20" class either. The next moto I spun the rear wheel coming out of the gate and almost flipped over the bars, dangit! The third? Well I effed that one up as well and didn't qualify for the main. The cruiser, at least I was managing to stay consistent both days on the bigger wheels for some reason but I usually do better on the smaller hoops. I managed to salvage a 2nd out of 6 peeps in the cruiser so that eased the sting of not making the main on the 20" somewhat. It's been awhile since I've brought home some bling so that was kinda nice. Two trophies for Saturday's race; 2nd in 20" and 4th in cruiser, on Sunday they gave plaques, I managed a 2nd place in cruiser and a big ole "I sucked" in 20". Go here for some Facebox if you would like some video to go with all my gibberish here.

LAter G....................

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