Monday, May 9, 2011


Wow, what a great weekend! A nice way to close out a semester of school with a holiday for your Mom. Mother's Day always makes me reflect and remember to be thankful for my Mom. I don't think most people appreciate their mothers as much as we should, I don't. A weekend of family was just what the doctor ordered. Kids on the couch Friday night watching movies, hanging out with the whole family late Saturday for Mother's Day.... awesome! There's an old saying 'you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family', I find that interesting of late.

Sunday rolls around and I need a half-ton of dynamite to get Austin up and at'em. Dang boy, sleeping all morning. Heck, I was up til 3am watching the finals of SX in Las Vegas. RV took home the championship but Reed got the win. Stewart may be the fastest rider ever but that doesn't mean squat if you can't manage to find the finish line and keep from crashing (he's such a loser, another athlete that squandered his god given talent).

After Austin drove ME to his house to take him back to his Mothers I returned and saddled up the Lynskey for a "commute to ride" ride. Yes, I rode over to ETSU to get a couple of laps in on the knobbies. Half way through I run into AC and continue my ride with him. It was a pretty good ride, the course was perfect too. Back in the far side I was descending and came upon a good sized grapevine laying across the trail. I was going pretty fast and decided to manual it at the last minute, before I could get the front wheel back on the ground the rear tire hit the vine and kicked out to the left like an uncontrolled Jeremy McGrath tailwhip. I was now going sideways at speed and upon landing I came to an immediate halt catapulting me from the bike into the ground then standing me back up not more than 2 feet from the bike, yea it was weird. It twisted my left knee somehow making for a painful pedal stroke when I needed leverage climbing afterwards. This morning it just feels tight, it doesn't hurt anymore though.

Sorry for a boring post I'll try to do better next time, I tried to add a youtube video but IE is being it's usual self so I opted not to. This weekend?.... NBL Nats!

LAter G......................................

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