Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok Boyz n Girlz there's a new playa in da house at Hampton. If German engineering is what they say it is then the new line from FOCUS should bring some Fahrvergn├╝gen to little ole Hampton and the surrounding community.

The looks of the Black Forest 3.0 has the same sort of grahics colors/lines/detail that the BMC's do. This one is the first to roll up into Hampton. I saddled it up and rolled around on it and for a size medium it's pretty big in my opinion. Nice group also, it's sporting a sram x9/xo 10 speed drivetrian and at around $1800 this thing should fly out the door! B plans on keeping the 29er and TT bikes in stock from FOCUS but can order anything they have...

Another sweet point about this bike is, from a mechanic's point of view, it comes nearly 100% assembled and ready to ride. It comes in a "huge" (alot bigger than the norm) box that has to be delivered by a big rig truck not UPS or FedX. All we had to do was align the handlebars and check over a couple of things and it was ready for the trail, nice!! If this thing had shown up Friday like it was supposed to it would have made it's debut at the third anual Bike at Bays but sadly it did not.

On another note my little buddy that keeps bikes for shorter times than I do (what?) Yea, impossible right? Ehhhh, but he does! Ole AKS has the soon-to-be first Niner carbon frame in this area (tri-cities) headed here soon! I may have to pop for one of those myself 'til the carbon BMC makes its way here in another 15 months.

On a BMX note.... over the last several months the NBL has been in financial trouble, well ever since they adopted the new program of "race all ya can for one fee". I came out good though, I bought the National Plan so I could race anyrace anywhere for free as long as it was an NBL track. I have more than made up for my plan because I signed up for the installment plan "pay per month". If I had to pay for races as ya go: each National would cost me $200 per weekend at a National or Regional (2 classes per day ($50 X 2) X 2 days). I've already raced several local, a regional and a National so I have come out smelling like a rose and I get to keep my license to boot and now I can race at ANY (ABA or NBL) track I want now, only thing different we now pay at each race like it used to be.

I think the merger will be a good thing in the long run and only make BMX racing more competitive/stronger. I hope they can get their heads together and make some sort of HUGE regional plan that qualifies you into the end of the year Nats, one can only hope. The BMX forums are ablaze with hate and discontent and I don't understand why. No one knows whats going to happen....

USAC Collegiate Racing; I got a tentative collegiate race schedule today but it's not official so I don't want to post it up yet until Nathan gets everything settled. There's still some holes to fill. Busy week so far.

This weekend the 12 hrs of Tsali rolls into Bryson City, N.C. Capt Dingo has been giving Gone Riding hell about their gourmet post race meals. AC though has been up in Capt. Dingos grill about it too. Very entertaining to say the least! I hope Dave hasn't been reading Capt. Dingo's posts because if he has I would be afraid to ingest that dinner.... I usually hit this up for the fun of it but this year I'm in a BMX mood so I will be at the track Saturday in MoTown while they are there puttn' throught the woods and drinkin' beer while the serious folk race. It will be the debut of the Yeti DJ at the track too this weekend. Fun times!

LAter G......................

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