Monday, May 23, 2011


This weekend was quite a joy, well for me anyway not for Austin. He came down with
streptococcus and opted to stay in his bed at his mothers all weekend. This left me with no plans for myself. I had heard earlier in the week of a few rides going on, I did some investigation and found one to my liking, Roan.

I haven't climbed my old friend in a couple of years so I knew it was going to hurt, then being as out of shape as I am - compound that by as many as you like - meant UGH! I met D-Wayne and a couple of others at the shop early Saturday morning to make the trek to the top of Roan Mountain. We eased out of the parking lot headed for the 26ish mile ride to the peak. D-Wayne was in an off mood and not feeling it so he decided to head back after a bit, I had stayed with him at the beginning so I was left odd man out all by myself the other guys had checked out. Upon passing the park I couldn't remember if it was 6 or 8 miles to the top, I opted for the 8 as a guess so I would get up there not thinking I was done at 6. My legs and my lungs surprised me by doing pretty well, it was my back that gave me the biggest problem. I had a sharp pain for about 70% of the climb. I know why; from not riding as much as I used to! I stopped and stretched which helped a great deal then I managed to find the top. I miss going up there it's beautiful! The ride back was a breeze but it was pretty hot, temps in the upper 80's.

After getting back to the shop and changing the parking lot was full! There was another ride leaving out that was running waaaay late, there must have been 20-25 peeps. I told B we should charge for parking, lol. I got back to the house loaded up the BMX bikes and got a call from Chad looking for a ride to the track. I swung by, loaded him and we were off. What am I thinking? 50+mile road ride then BMX? YEP! There was a huge ABA National going on in Nashville too that I would have went to if I had known I was going to be available. That race took about 1/2 of our riders so when we got to MoTown everyone just decided to do hot laps instead of race. Then Chad rung his bell crashing so that ended that. After a bit of BS'ing we rolled back to JC and I called it a night! I was pooped!

Sunday I managed to get the Pedalfest course marked for our upcoming annual ride. It was freakin' hot too, sweated like I was riding it! After that I got a light spin in to loosen up the legs, which actually felt pretty good! It's Monday and Austin is doing better so hopefully he'll be by this weekend, I may have to put him to work Saturday @ Pedalfest, heh heh!

LAter G......................

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