Friday, June 10, 2011

Crash Test Dummy

This week I tried to mix it up some with some off-road riding instead of all the road riding I have been doing. I loaded up for a solo trip to Warriors in the record heat we have been having. First I want to say thanks to all the volunteers with chainsaws that have been hitting the park and cleaning up the messes that the May storms left. There was so much chainsaw work that had been done on the trails I can't begin to thank everyone enough! Thanks!! At first I was riding like a monkey on a football. I kept thinking "dude what's wrong with you? You're riding like crap!" I'm just rolling down a straight stretch of high grass single track, my foot hits a log embedded in the tall grass, ejects mt left foot from my pedal, I fall into the frame, right knee hits chainring, handlebars turn sharply left..... endo! ON A STRAIGHT part of trail of all places. I assess the damages. Cut chest, scraped left knee..... right knee pouring blood, hmm, ok wonder if I can ride? I manage to get out of the woods and somehow found my groove on the bike as well before I got to the car. Most of the sweat kept the blood flowing down my leg into the sock so it didn't look that bad although it probably could have used 3 or 4 stitches if I was that type person.

Oh well, enough about my stupid mistakes. Most everyone knows that Austin is 16 now and can get his license at the end of July. I have been feverishly looking for something "practical" for me so he can have the Xploder. I'm not at ease with just "giving" him a car either. My Dad didn't just give me a vehicle when I was his age, I was allowed to drive "one" of the family vehicles which was usually the small Datsun pickup truck that I really loved but sometimes I ended up in the '67 Chevy Camaro RS which wasn't all that bad because the girls really liked that car and thought it was cool, hey whatever works when you're sub 18 yrs old to get the girlies ya know. It wasn't until I graduated high school that I was "given" (I seemed to be told alot I was working off a vehicle between 16-18) the keys to the datsun truck along with the title and an envelope from State farm Insurance Co. with a bill enclosed. Times are different though, I'm divorced and we aren't under one roof family style as I was back then so I'm getting ready to pass the keys 2 years early, he better appreciate it! Even if I was a loaded ($$) individual I wouldn't "give" him a new car he would be getting something well used, I see kids get new cars from their parents and the way they act afterwards is disgusting and disrespectful. Hell some kids EXPECT a new car when they turn 16, unbelievable! Good parenting there huh? A product of gene gardening! Most parents dig their own holes they have to climb out of it seems. Whew, where did all this adult stuff come from? I need to ride and loosen up this knee!

Oh, I almost forgot...... MotoVan may be making a return! We'll have to re-name it Bikevan I guess? story to come........

LAter G......

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