Sunday, June 19, 2011


This is the first time that I can remember that I do not have a mountain bike in my stables. Yes, it's true. So many bikes that usually adorn my wall but yet I'm missing one. That should be fixed sometime this week if Niner can manage to get it shipped out. Aluminum and steel are what they seem to have the most of so we'll see.

To keep me occupied I have been playing with the van getting it cleaned and customized. I wish I had some wheels for it though. Below are some pics of the new seat I acquired from Keeter Ford in Shelby, N.C. Saturday. Yes, I drove 140 miles to Shelby to get this "like new" bench seat that I found on craigslist. The only reason, it was $25! It took $40 in gas so I have $65 vested, not bad for a $1000 genuine Ford bench seat.

Below are some of the finished door panels that I had to fabricate from scratch. All ya do is go to Lowes and get some 1/4" particle board like the center of laminate flooring. It bends and flexes really easy without breaking so it was my choice of product for this job. Then, some contact glue on both sides, wait 15 minutes to join the two together, pretty simple. I do want to find some sort of interior cover for the screws though maybe I can find them at a trim shop somewhere.

This week I should be able to get the rear finished. I'm waiting on the rest of the felt to be delivered cuz I'm running short, I have nearly 10 yards in it so far. I still can't decide if I wanna put felt on the false bottom or laminate wood flooring. I can get two packs for nothing at the closeout store and that should cover it all. One thing that makes me want to put laminate down is the ease of cleaning it. With the MTB's back there after a ride; all that grit and dirt will be near impossible to vacuum out but they may slide all over laminate during transport. Tough decision. A rubber mat may be another option too....

Sorry for mostly gibberish and not much bike stuff... when I get this finished? Road trip with the bike!

LAter G.....................

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