Friday, June 17, 2011


Below are some pics of my summer project. My newly acquired "moto van" although alot of my friends are calling it many different things!

Interior almost ready for the felt fabric that will cover most everything inside customizing it out.

Here on the rear false floor I can't make up my mind. I seen one similiar to this that the floor was covered with laminate wood flooring not felt. Hmmm decisions decisions.

I have actually laid the felt in the drivers section but I had to order some more for the rear, I was about 3 yards shy of finishing. I did learn one thing from the previous one I did before. I used a paint brush to administer the glue onto the felt and walls last time - this time I used a small foam roller, what a time saver!

There a few scrapes and spots on this one but overall it's pretty good. Just what I needed!

I have been making alot of jokes on facebox about my newly acquired "creeper van". I had one similiar to this about 5 years ago when I was racing motocross to haul my bikes to races, I must add it was sweet and very practical! My bro-n-law is an auto broker and came upon this last week for me in D.C. where he does some of his business. There have been many times that when I have been on mountain biking excursions and trips I wished to have "moto van" back to convert it over for traveling and camping in it. Ala, wish granted. Above are some of the pics that I have taken during construction. This one came totally gutted! My last one had racks and storage bins in it that I had to discard before starting. Customizing this will be easier since I have already done it once. I was at a crossroad deciding whether or not to put a bulkhead in this one or not. It makes heating and cooling the cabin much easier and faster but blocks off the rear compartment from view. I chose a bulkhead but I added a false floor for a place to store things. All I'm needing is a bench seat and to finish felting the walls and roof and I will be almost complete. I'm waiting on some funds for a set of wheels/rims too. I ran across some 22" ghetto wheels on craigslist that fit my bolt pattern but they rubbed when I fitted them so I'm going to flip them and make a profit since I got them soooo cheap.

Back to the cycling scene. The Lynskey departed JC for it's new home in Jersey Wednesday. I keep in touch with the guys at BMC through B at the shop and those pesky BMC 29ers are not going to be here for a while it seems, the carbon frame got postponed til fall of '12, dangit! I would rather not ride a brand that we don't sell out of the shop although I have, it seems to bother some people. So below is what I have oredered to ride until my BMC arrives. Niner has a problem that every company ever started wishes they had, unable to keep up with demand for their product. I will admit them being small hurts them and they do need a better supply chain to keep customers happy but it's all about supply and demand. Niner's cool factor is way up there as well so that keep them behind too. I didn't wanna get the moondust grey because AC has that so I went with the tamale red. When the BMC gets here she will be gone anyway.

Shipping problems; I was cleaning out some of the stuff I wasn't using to sell on fleabay and also it generates a cash flow for me and my student status. I sold these to a guy in Seattle, Wa. When they arrived Mr. FedX ground had treated them poorly and damaged some spokes, I wish I had insured them for more than what I did. Anywho they are on the way back to me, a claim was filed (that I still havent heard anything on) so I will keep this event updated as to how this ends.

Yep that's the Lynskey below. For some reason I'm not a fan of Ti for a road bike OR a mtn bike. I do like the way it feels supple on gravel and single track but it flexes too much for my liking. Back to aluminium and carbon for me!

LAter G.................

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