Tuesday, June 28, 2011


MIA? Yet it seems so. Sorry I haven't posted anything. But yes, I complained to myself for "lack of" also like I do to some of the local bloggers. What's new? The "candy van" is coming along but lack of funds available is keeping the customizing and tweaking to a minimum sadly. While working on it last week I fell out of it twisting my knee somewhat making riding painful so I took a week off from riding. I just starting back this Sunday. Not alot going on at the shop either just fixing junkers and a nice bike now and again, sales are up though which is good. I did sell the Lynskey! Ti and I aren't a good match. It just doesn't jive with me for some reason, I guess it's the flex? So, since the 29'r BMC's aren't going to be here soon I opted for something in the shop. The Focus was looking really sweet but I wanted to free up some capital in the Lynskey for the "candy van" so I went with a Niner E(asy)M(ade)D(ecision). It's cheap, the geometry is like most all other 29'ers and they are the hottest brand on the market just ahead of Salsa right now. Sad thing is I haven't even had it at the trail yet cuz of the knee thang. I "was" going to Warriors early this morning but it was raining at 6:30 so I went back to bed til 8 - ah the life of a college kid on a weekday.

Niner had the EMD's and Air9's on sale so that was probably the deal maker for me, I will sell it when the BMC 29ers are released. I think Niners are cool, I really do, but they are alot like Salsa. They are a small company and as long as they please the powers that be in the MTB scene they will get good reviews and stay on top. My gripe is that they don't have that many employees and you can't EVER get bikes/frames from them! All their sales guys are traveling demo shops, product reps, CS representatives and anything thing else they can do so they don't have to hire more peeps, bottom line - it sucks. Our sales rep is a voice mail... I will prob get the "I can't believe you trash a brand you sell" line from Capt. Dingo and a couple others but they only see from a customers view point so have at it guys. The shop gets billed for stuff and we have to wait forever until we can get the product to our customer (ain't fair). We are left holding the bag (spent $$) until product arrives to get paid for frame/bike by customer (ain't fair). Frames/bikes get delayed by weeks frequently without calls from Niner - until we call and ask where it's at we don't know this (not cool-so not cool!). Ask Capt. Dingo how long he had to wait for his frames..... that's my biggest gripe with Niner. Ya know I really don't know if they make "good" stuff more than if it's just the hype that they make "cool" stuff - anyway they have the problem that ALL companies wish they had.... more people want what they don't have. So I will ride the Niner "hype" until my BMC gets here.

I will give credit where credit is due though, whomever designed the new carbon Jet 9 did really well. Patent?! very nice! Although the first run gets sold INTERNATIONALLY first (see what I mean) then the second shipment will be available for U.S. sales which they said will be two weeks behind the first. (coughing sound with the word "bullshit" disguised in it). I twitter some and the other day AC and I was talking about Niner. I respectfully tagged Niner in a post TO them asking kindly to hire some help and straighten out their supply chain so that peeps can get bikes in an orderly fashion. This is the exchange:
ME-@NinerBikes ...... P~L~E~A~S~E do something about your supply chain and ....ummm hire some more help! PLEASE!
Niner- @scoobyssnacks we have been working on our supply. This year we have only been out of stock on less than 5% of items we offer.
again- (coughing sound with the word "bullshit" disguised in it). I think we have only been able to get 5% of the bikes we have ordered without having to wait over a month.

My Niner: I went with the Tamale color but I don't like it. It looks like a metallic ruby. Moondust was cool but AC has one. You only have two color choices with the EMD. If I was going to keep it for a period I would have definitely went for the kermit green Air9! My fav color but why spend double the $$ on something I plan on selling anyway. Heck I sell everything! what am I saying, lol!!! Ok Yes, that's right, there is an original aluminum MacFearsome Mongoose BMX frame behind the Niner and yes it's worth more than the complete Niner built up!

I will get a ride in soon and give my honest opinion of the EMD. I have ridden the Jet9 & RIP9 demos and I'm not a fan of full squish big hoops at all. My small hooped (26") BMC fourstroke full suspension was 10 times the bike those are in the squish category in my honest opinion. Ok, Ok, why did I buy a Niner with all this bitchin'? I'm slumming until the BMC's get here.... ya happy?

LAter G........................

DISCLAIMER NOTE: this is purely MY opinion of Niner and DOES NOT reflect the shop's opinions or the owners by any means. Niner makes a quality product and has problems like everyone else. *** If I offended anyone that owns, rides or loves Niner - go put your big girl panties on, wipe your tears and get the hell over it wusses.***


Brett Grell said...

Hello, just saw your old post about your Macfearsome Mongoose in the background. I had one of these back in the day, but only had a frame and fork. I purchased one on eBay and I'd like to put mine back to stock. Bikepedia has a page on this bike, but I think it is a little off. Do you have any of the original components from this?



Hi Brett, All I have is the frame, fork, stem and seatpost. My frame is also cracked at the top of the seat stay.