Monday, June 6, 2011


My first ever official "paid" USAC job was at the Roan Groan road race this weekend. I was hired by Jerome below for my first official USAC road gig. I got to meet several of the areas finest USAC officials, a couple of them even officiated the Tour of California so it was pretty cool listening to some of those stories. I also have a bug for a "moto" ref! They make more and get to ride motorcycles while reffing the race, how cool is that??

Just before the official neutral rollout to start the race. I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect to be honest.

I was the womens official in the Roan Groan which consisted of me following the group watching for any rule infractions. There was a small crash coming up Whitehead hill and someone dropping a water bottle in the pace line seemed to be the only action going on in the women's Pro 1,2,3 and Cat4 classes although I had to give a warning a couple of times on the center line to a few of them. Below Melissa is ripping up the TT course in her ETSU skinsuit! She did very well and I'm pretty proud, she's stronger than me on the road and is soon to get her first experience at mountain biking soon before she moves on to Cat3!

The Roan below. It's such a jewel of a mountain! Beautiful!!

It was a fun day of learning for me and great weather for the event! Below I'm set up at the TT U-Turn to get times and #'s of the riders in case of scoring errors which I'm glad to say were very few! AC were you trying to test the profanity rule on your turn here?? j/k.

Below skipping ahead; on a sad note one of my friends and very good cyclist Brian Higgs crashed in his crit race Sunday and had to be carted of the course via ambulance. He cracked 4 ribs, collapsed a lung, broke his clavicle and is eat up with road rash when he accidentally unclipped while sprinting for the finish. Heal fast my friend!

more tomorrow.

LAter G................

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