Friday, June 3, 2011


One would wonder why I'm up so late blogging? Well because it's so freakin' hot in the attic that I can't freakin' sleep. Yes the attic, for most that don't know, I have rented a friends "in-laws quarters" high above a household just under ye shingles. Lately with all this dang record heat it has been quite un-bearable, unbearable to the extent of looking for relief elsewhere. Before you ask "why don't you turn down the thermostat?" I would if I could! Seems to me the 3cent engineer that laid out the plans for this place should have known that these living quarters need more coooooling in the summer months and designed the vents accordingly thus the thermo cooling wall mounted device for delivering one a cool burst of chilled air resides one floor below, out of my access. Sucks to be me! So therefore I'm blogging at 1am. This sucks too because I'm supposed to meet the Applebeast in the morning for some ETSU trailwork before the days heat arrives. Trail work in the summer sucks arse!

Today I was greeted by the UPS man delivering sweet boxes of cycling goodness. Several BMC race machines in the funky blue color, that I really dig by the way! Also, today was the first time I have been able to hold a Carbon Niner "in hand" and one word describes this frame... WOW! It weighs NOTHING absolutely NOTHING! This carbon sweetness really surprised me, really! Want, want, want! I give the carbon Niner a five scooby approval salute!!!!!!I get online and start checking the geometry with my current Lynskey ride and the only difference is the length of the chain stays, the Niner's are just a wee bit longer, that's it! Hmmmm my mind starts working on the $$ logistics of acquiring one of these 'til BMC releases the 29 carbon version of the TE01....

After work I head over to the TNR ride location to deliver bike parts and pickup some ETSU kit monies from some of the locals that ordered some of our jerseys. After some bench racing I followed D-Wayne over to Fiat's house, his real name is Reneau, for some Roan Groan packet stuffing that I will get to hand out at tomorrow evening's pre-race pickup. Since the TCRC has been such a tremendous help with the ETSU team all year the least I could do is return the favor and volunteer some of my time to thank them for everything they do for us at ETSU. Thanks guys!

It really takes several people to stuff 300+ packets for an Omnium! I did my part by sorting safety pins in groups of 4 that were dropped into the manila envelopes for the racers on race day. We had a pretty good time and the cut-downs amongst one another were premium as well. Good times. My first official USAC paid gig is Saturday, I'll be "reffing" the women's class up the mountain then prepping myself for a butt whoppin' Sunday as I try to hang on in the downtown JC crit, woe is me. I'm definitely not in shape for this but I will have fun and that's what it's all about for me. Long weekend ahead so I will try to get some pics and I may even try to throw some video of the weekend together if I get a chance but no promises.

LAter G.............................

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