Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today Woody from Trail Dynamics visited our little trail system at ETSU for an assessment on safety, liability, trail work and biology. ETSU has really got behind the trail system and wants to grow and make it totally legit. They are mostly concerned about liability and I can't blame them. We have done ALOT to the trails thanks to Ben and a few club members. New trail, longer existing trails and new planned trails are on our agenda now.

It's amazing what you see when you aren't on a bike flying down the trail. Matt was naming everything out there (he majored in plant life or somethin' like that) Woody wasn't too bad either naming plant life, me? Yea, see that? It's a tree!

I got a little behind, I'm old.

Here we are discussing some of the possibilities that can be done to some of the trails. Woody was pretty impressed with the trail system and what's been done so far. We saved the best for last and showed them the back section where Ben had moved alot of rock and built some really sweet switchbacks and armored sections. They were VERY impressed! They even took some pictures to use on a project proposal with Ben's permission. I'm really sad that Ben moved away to Akron, Ohio. Not only is he an excellent team mate and a cool bud but a HUGE asset to the mountain bike community. I have never met anyone that has a bigger passion for life, building trails and riding a mountain bike! He rocks! It's been a pleasure hosting him this week for the trail assessment.

On another note I tried, key word tried, to keep up at the pack races last night. I rode from home with COB and ended up with a tad over 50 miles. With all that "racin" in the middle I was spent when it came time to ride home. I managed though, I should have known better with it being only the second time being able to get down there since B changed my work day to Tues from Wed. Anywho 6 straight days on the bike is brought to an end with the rain this evening. First race of the collegiate season is in 7 weeks, I better ride or it's going to hurt more than usual.

LAter G........................

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