Thursday, July 21, 2011


Some women have shopping weaknesses like buying too many shoes or too many clothes. Most of the time and I put stress on most of the time I'm quite able to fend off splurges of spending money and useless spending. Although the strongest of people have their vices, mine is bicycles. It's sorta like being a sex addict and can't turn down a hooker, LOL! It's pretty bad.

No, no now lets not go there! So what did I do? This time of year bike companies start dumping what they have left in their warehouses as to make room for all the new "next years" product line. The companies that are popular and that are having stellar years don't do this because of the obvious.

Take Niner for instance, almost everything they make or sell is so popular that they have a hard time getting the product to the customer so at the end of the model year there's nothing left in the warehouse that they need to get rid of to make more space therefore no "mega blowout sales" as B says. Well, while at the shop today B throws me a fresh fax from BMC. He knows I have been looking for another 26" BMC and after going over the fax he gives that fax to me. Little does he know it's like giving crack cocaine to an addict, nah, he knows, LOL.

I go over the specs and the sale prices and sure enough I load the needle and inject the warm fuzzies into my arm, ughhhhhhh. Why can't I resist??? Anywho this puppy below should arrive soon, my new play bike. I need both size wheels to complete me. 26/29. Just slap some Shimano DynaSYS 10 speed components on it and it'll be ready to go! Not a race bike just something to have fun on and soak up the bumps. Looks as if I won't be seeing my BMC 29er until Jan though, le sigh. I will have a Niner EMD for sale in Jan for anyone that's interested.... save a little of yo Christmas $$, good deal to be had.

LAter G.....................

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