Monday, August 1, 2011


Wooo Whooo! Tonights short track was hoppin'. We had about 13 or 14 ready to go and then the ones down at the "new" weekly CX skills clinic, near the soccer fields, popped in at the last minute! There had to be at least 25 now or more. With the addition of the lap counter board and bell, it's a sweet little added touch. Although when you're rolling around nearly spent then look up and see 6 more laps to go! UGH.
We had kids and juniors and teenagers and students and doctors and even old peeps like me racing! It was awesome. Aaron has been doing the scoring duties lately and doing a fine job I might add. Heck he can even heckle while scoring, what a multi tasker.

In the foreground are Shane's dogs. One of them and a rider collided tonight, with the rider going down, so I don't think we are going to be able to let the dogs run loose anymore. We will have to put a leash rule in effect now while the racing is underway. We did have a few complaints about them running loose, sorry. This is the first time we have had this sort of problem and I apologize.

This pic is a week old but yes the infamous COB was in attendance tonight. He was rocking his newly acquired van also. 2 black vans at the same place at the same time?? ohhhh nooooo. Nick, the new cycling club President from a small college in N.C., has been attending and he's pretty fast too. He was the winner of tonight's prize.....

LAter G..........................

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