Monday, August 1, 2011


I will be the first to admit that the only road bike racing I like is crit racing. TT racing is nothing but torture and road racing requires that you train somehow someway or be dropped like a hot potato. You can get away with just riding to race in Cat5 events but anything higher than that you cannot. I needed to participate in one of the three crit training series before it came to an end, Sunday was the last one so.. opps there it is.

I knew I wouldn't be a threat, I just recovered from being laid up with an allergy attack and still felt somewhat weak but I was going to attend. I decided to race the Masters and the 4's. In the Masters I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up so I just rode my pace for 40 minutes and averaged a 23.7 mph, not too bad by myself, the heat was bad! After a 30 minute break 4's were up. This race was alot slower at first - quite easy actually. After several laps D-Wayne throws an attack for giggles then Andy throws another. When they started playing games I let up because I didn't have the energy to respond to every attack. I rode, got in some good exercise and enjoyed it all except for the heat. Fun day!

It's good to see Mr. Stidham back out on the bike after recovering from a bad back injury at the JC omnium in June.

Big thanks go out to Jerome and Aaron (aka;Marion) ! Without them this training crit would not have happened. Thanks guys!!

Here's Melissa givin' it hell in the Masters crit. Mad props to her for racing 4 of the 5 classes! She's so strong and one of the best lady racers in Tennessee! She also is the (TBRA) 2011 Tennessee State Road Race Champion! Good job girl!

Here's the Masters group just before the start. It was soooo hot Sunday! The cat4 group only had 8 riders so I managed a "top 10" - LOL! I could have said I got 8th and not stated how many were racing like a few peeps do... haha, yea you know who you are, that's right, I see you.

It's Monday so it's short track time tonight! Seek is also starting up CX training near the crit course at 6! Looks like some good riding on Mondays now!

LAter G.......................

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