Monday, September 19, 2011

DOUBLE UP (part 1)

Over a week ago The ETSU team rolled down to Georgia Tech in Conyers, Ga. "looking to make a deal" like Charlie Daniels. We're not big on MTB TT's so we usually skip those but we make up for it on all the other disciplines. I moved up a cat in the gravity and qualified 4th out of over 25 people. (Thanks BMX skills) I did however crash in my 4th round jacking up the bike and a rib for a 7th overall. XC hurt on Sunday with having to do more than 23 miles when we usually only do 15-17 in our class, good training though. The team placed well and with the addition of girls this year we are getting points! Go here for results.... or not.

Now for the crossover----CX!

Our seasons overlap. Collegiate is usually half way through when the MSG and Asheville CX series start. This weekend kicked off one of the bestest MSG events or at least in the top three that I have ever attended. One must know me, I don't train or strive to, that said I attend CX races for mostly one reason; FUN! They are definitely more fun than an uptight roadie race hands down, more fun than BMX, more fun barely than collegiate races and more fun than MTB races only because they are like mtb races AMPLIFIED many times! If I can do well while CX racing then I'll take it as icing on the cake but that's not my priority. Coming out, setting up, hanging with cycling peeps, drinking beer and then trying not to miss your race during all this is what it's all about to me. Race partay!

This is when the Candy Vans feed the need. Candy Van #1, #2 &#3 were all in attendance at this race! 6 ez-ups and a ton of peeps made this weekend perfect. We had the whole straight of the barriers to ourselves, sweet! It all started out with rain Saturday morning that actually got folks excited! Alas it was just a light precipitation that actually kept the dust under control which was nice!

I'm sure there will be more pics because I was having fun! I was such a tard in the MTB class but I had a blast. Saturday I didn't dismount not one time. I log hopped the barriers every lap. During that process my back wheel would crash them to the ground! I leveled the barriers every lap ha ha! In CX4 I dare not try that! It was the Niner's last race with me so it was fitting to send it away with a bang. Sunday I drank beer almost every lap then began to feel like I was going to hurl up the free Bud Light Lime that Holston Distributors graciously donated. There's another good use for that stuff too, I don't know how many beer baths I was sprayed with in the MTB class but... I enjoyed everyone of them! There were a couple peeps taking the MTB class seriously but it was deserved - kept some egos in check actually. My ETSU guys were up front every day making sure the team gets noticed, Aaron and I were in the back getting noticed too for retarded behavior, ha ha.

There were hardly any "local" mountain bikers there though, very confusing. Asheville MTB guys, Knoxville MTB guys but barely a handful of Tri-Cities MTB peeps. They out-numberd us 4 to 1. Free beer, mtb fun and low local turnout..... I'll never understand. I'm moving to Asheville!

CX 3's definitely more serious than I wanna be. Focus Danielsan, FOCUS!

This is what it's all about! COB rode three classes on Saturday and smiled (but not during the actual race). He rode 2 on Sunday! He told me during his Saturday night slumber he rolled out of Candy van #3 with cramps looking like he was at "dance party". Maybe it was the "lime beer"?

After the last race on Saturday James and Schyler hung out for a bit. This wasn't a collegiate race so....... partay. There's too much that happened this weekend for only one post so I will get some more pics together and do another.

This, from the web, should hold ya over til then....

Thanks MSG for hosting another great event! Next weekend 9/24 CX partay in Asheville yo!

LAter G..............................

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