Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DOUBLE UP (part 2)

OK part 2..... There were alot of people taking pictures so there are too many to choose from. I really wanted the ones of me knocking down the barriers on the mountain bike but maybe someone will post them soon. Below is Gracie, I was worried, she was giving me the evil eye before the race and I figured she would beat me. Her mom, Kim, was getting her pumped up before her race talkin' smack to me, 2 on 1 no fair!!. Gracie didn't catch me but she killed the course, great job girl!

Oh yea the ETSU jerseys were everywhere!
Below Melissa is really taking to the mountain bike! She's only ridden the thing a handful of times but seems to be getting with it. Go girl!
Here's the famous Mike Seek, not only is he our ETSU co-advisor, but a mean CX machine and the owner of CANDY VAN#1!
Below Tank made sure that almost everyone had a nice shower of Bud Light Lime to keep everyone on their game! here he showers COB as he tackles the barriers.
This next sequence you have to look at from the bottom up. Melissa was having trouble with the barriers on one lap so good ole D-Wayne grabbed her bike and helped her somewhat. I think he's so used to running the barriers that his instincts kicked in and he went into race mode. Melissa had to run her bike down, Oh that was FUNNY!

The most fun all day was riding with Trevor, the owner of Piney Flats Bicycles and Fitness, he's one of our competitors. I tried 100% in CX4 to do well & did but when the flag dropped on the MTB class it was all fun, games, laughter, beer hand-ups and heckling.
We had a blast!

Special thanks to Aaron, Dwayne, Mike & Eric for organizing these races and making them so much fun! Extra thanks to the Farm House, referees, volunteers and sponsors that make events like this possible, without you all we would not have fun like this, THANKS!

Later G.......................

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