Monday, October 3, 2011


This weekend the next stop on the MSG circuit was Domtar Park in Kingsport. The weather was pretty dam nippy so soon in October let me tell ya. Everywhere in sight there were peeps in coats, heavy coats too...... and boggans! Fall is here!

The midget, above, showed up only on Saturday but I didn't race with him that much in CX4...

Mr. Bonnie Kate himself was there again, I love this guy!

COB brought a fleet of bikes as usual

Jesse has been Killing it lately!

The barriers above were at the same spot as always.... wished they would have mixed it up a little this year since there wasn't a flyover.

Grace! This girl gets style points! She rocks! Go Grace! Wont be long - she'll be beatin' her Daddy.

Grace's Mom, Kim, rode the BMC Sunday after I threw a rod in my CX class.

Ole Jordan, yep it makes your tongue hang out don't it? Fast Kiddo!

COB doin' a turn....

Wow! She's been hanging around me tooooooo much! I was jealous but I would have destroyed the wagon if I had got in it , he he.

Boyz, this is how you handle a "bump" on the track. I'm amazed how many people dismounted for a stick....... So - I was on a mountain bike you say??

I did it on the skinnies toooo........ wimps. I might be really slow but I didn't get off my bike, ha ha ha ha :-P

The course lay out wass different, I gave AC some grief about it but it was ok. I would have preferred the techy stuff to be more dispersed more around the course because I'm a wuss and can't keep the hammer pegged. There was alot of roadie sections..... ALOT! If I was capable of producing more than 12 watts max I may have been a threat...... nah probably not.

After it was all over I started pulling up stakes in the back section, that was rough. I worked for about an hour then proceeded back to Candy van #2 to head home. Saturday was my best day but I still finished mid-pack and just goofed off in the MTB class. Yes I did get a beer handup in the MTB class too! Sunday I came with a different strategy, get out first and get through that technical 1/4 mile then rest. It almost worked, i got caught up in the racin' and didn't back off, 2 laps in a hammy locked up in my leg and it was OVER! Needless to say I was spectating for the rest of the day. Great event, great peeps, great sponsors! If you missed it, well YOU MISSED IT!

LAter G...............

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