Sunday, September 25, 2011


Since we had another week off from the collegiate MTB season I found myself back at another cross race. Yes I suck royally at cross but I have so much fun I keep going back for more! Myself, Jason, Aaron and Dr. Seek piled into candy Van #2 and rolled over to AsheVegas for the second round of Asheville CX Series. It was a very small venue with a tiny course, well for what I'm used to with D-Wayne's MSG courses, in a business park. It was very spectator friendly and where we parked made for a great view of the course. 70% of the course was asphalt and the other 30% was soft, sandy, grassy, energy sucking, grainy soil. By the time I got back to the asphalt every lap my legs were scorched so bad from pedaling through that soft part I couldn't get any speed so I only managed a 21st of 35....... yup I sucked! Face of pain below.

Below this was the only climbing we had. You went in behind a storage unit facility and did a double step up climb around the back then through the parking lot back into the road and around another business. I will admit it was really fun meandering through businesses and lots but it wasn't a typical CX course because alot of spots were very narrow not meeting the 10-12ft width rule that USAC has for courses.

Here is the narrow 90* left turn behind one of the buildings. You could bring some speed into this turn if you wanted to while coming off a good stretch of asphalt. I was using the base of the block as a berm and it helped, I was alot slower when I got trapped behind someone in this section. (all picture credits go to LightBox Blog). After my race I commenced handing out beers to my buds Aaron and Dr. Seek during their race, there's nothing like a beer handup while competing! D-Wayne refused me, he'll regret that in the future, he's into this "training thang" now....

Super mad props go out to Moe's restaurant, Pisgah Brewery (for the 2 FREE kegs of GREAT beer) and Blueridge Crossfit! It's so awesome that sponsors get this involved for us to race. A flooring business even opened up its restroom for EVERYONE to use! That's awesome! For a small venue and race they rocked it out. Great job Ashville CX!!!!

Today I arose and started homework early so I could get a road ride in. I managed to get an hour and a half in on the skinnies before I needed to be back to finish some stuff around the house. First road ride in a week, it felt strange. On a bike note; the Niner frame is history but I did manage to get another BMC TE01 back in my stables, it was covered in Sram but I fixed that real quick! ( I do like their MTB cranks though, well Truvativ's cranks - Sram just bought the company and put their label on them) Someone hit me with a ballbat if I ever think of selling the TE01. No word on the BMC 29er yet, still waiting on logistics. (crickets chirping.....) After being without a hitch rack for several months now I broke down and purchased a new Thule T2. It has integrated lock cables built into the arms, it's awesome!

On another note one of our ETSU teammates WON the USAC National Championships in dual slalom this weekend held on Beech Mtn, N.C.! Great job Thomas Wilkinson on your Cat 1 US Championship. Number one (#1) in the United States Yo!

LAter G......................

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