Friday, October 14, 2011

New Trail !

Friday morning I got up and headed over to Unicoi to be part of the "Grand Opening" of the Pinnacle Trail on Buffalo mountain. Its was a little wet from the night before's rain but I had already committed with the Mayor so it was a go for sho! In the pic there are many of the state Forest Service guys, Tn State Representatives and even people representing from the U.S. Senate too! Good day for trails!

I was approached and asked about mountain biking and the trails we ride by a couple of people while there. We even got our pics taken by the local Erwin press, hope I didn't break the camera! The local MTB club missed a huge PR opportunity by not having a single person there to say thanks for another trail being given to the community. I suppose everyone was working, (just roll your eyes someone stated....) so I guess Unicoi is off their radar. I'm hoping that the pics they took of the ETSU team will be in the paper in the morning. It was perfect fall weather so Schyler and I proceeded to the top after getting back I went into work 2 hrs late.

Hopefully the new guy at the forest service will start letting trails become more of a priority, I heard at the gathering that he's also a mountain biker! Suuuwheeeeet! If the land swap goes through, I found out today, there will be several miles of new trails built by a professional trail building company over in Unicoi from a very large grant that has been received. Very nice!!

The colors were absolutely beautiful up on top of the mountain. The wind was howling though it almost blew our water bottles of the top of the tower when we sat them down. God has created such color in the trees.

Days like these sooth the soul! The views were awesome. East Tennessee has so much to offer, I love this area. Right in my back yard all this beautiful land. This makes me remember to be thankful for what I have and what I am. Sorry I'm getting a little deep on ya here but it just does that to me.

Tomorrrow more MSG CX!

LAter G...............................

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