Tuesday, October 18, 2011


You know there's either trouble or fun that's been had when you open anyone's blog and the first picture you see is a case of PBR's!

Downhill racing has it's "rock gardens" so I figured that CX needed something besides barriers, run-ups or the common everyday obstacle one sees when watching cross. I came up with, well Connor and I came up with, the "Spray Garden". A small portion of the track where a racer gets sprayed with anything a person can shake, throw, spew or pour on a racer. I think it was a huge success!

Poor Dwayne, Trevor and Dr. Seek received the worst of all the treachory. Beer, cokes, root beer, gatorade, water, energy drinks left over after races, you name it it was thrown. I think I saw a can or two flying through the air after it's contents had been spewed...

Dr. Seek fights back. He gets a beer from his cooler and hides it trying to retaliate.... He was able to spray a few but missed me as I saw what his evil plan was when he rounded the turn heading into the "Spray Garden".

Yes the mist of liquid was that thick when entering the "Spray Garden"!

We even roped the course down to a 3ft wide section to get Trevor slowed down. Like heardin' cattle! Poor Trevor, he was soaked! He fought back after the race! He snuck up on several of us and showered our heads with beer and sodas to pay us back!

COB has been riding strong this year. The quote he's using? "Nothing beats time in the seat". Here a little mishap slowed him down in CX4 though. This doesn't compare the one Jason took during the CX3 race. It was almost a "Joey" moment he hit so hard.

Yep that's me in yellow giving Dr. Seek a nice hot "Coke Bath".

This is from Pisgah but most of the CX4 races have been this big in 2011 so far. It's amazing how popular CX racing has become. I would guess that 20% are mountain bikes too.

Pre-race strateg-ery maybe??????????????

Oh, a racing report? With all that fun who cares? Ok..... here's the short version.

I'm outta shape real bad, my back locked up on me in the masters, I have no strategy for CX racing, there are so many SANDBAGGERS that you can't get an honest race in during the CX4's, I suck at it but I have sooooooo much fun I keep going back.

So if you can't go fast look pro is my theme......
Candy Van #2 & #3 lined up with our armor - bike stands and all.

I have something sweet I picked up at the bike shop today! I'm saving that for another post....

LAter G......................

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