Monday, October 31, 2011

Workin' for the Weekend

This weekend I didn't get to race at the next to last MSG race due to watching the shop for B. He took the family down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. That left Larry (the A team) and I to fend for repairs at the shop. I sorta didn't mind since the temps took a plunge for the last several days heading into the weekend. It also rained for 2 days prior, that's what I wanted to see and be a part of though but I had to wrench. I really wanted to go in though, I put the finishing touches on the Niner Carbon RDO with a full XTR build..... NICE!

I also chose to skip the NCCX race over in Boone, NC Sunday as well. I had some more HW to finish and I wanted to ride the 29 BMC after installing the new fork, see below. Our CX season, well, hasn't really been CX racing season it's been more like racing CX bikes on grass in the summer. Warm sunny days, no rain but lots of fun. MSG has one more in December and it's a UCI race so it should be huge. Coming up in the next couple of weeks is the King College Collegiate race in Bristol then we have another 3 week bye before finishing up with Mars Hill on Saturday 12/3 and Lees McRae on 12/4

Thursday the ETSU A riders boarded a plane for New Mexico and the 2011 Collegiate MTB Nationals. The day before Angel Fire received 8 inches of snow! So this years Nationals would be nothing less than exciting and or interesting. Honky managed to qualify 2nd on the first day but was unable to match that run on the second sadly. The guys did quite well considering we get no backing or support from the school and we have to manage ourselves as a team. The last day was dual slalom and Joey stepped up his game and finished on the podium in Div II with a 3rd overall. Next year we will probably move up to Div I due to the increase in enrollment at ETSU. The boyz did quite well and I'm really proud of them!

Below is a pic of Pro Roadie Brian Sheedy's team the Brevard Tornadoes. He helped us out by transporting the bikes out for us, thanks Sheedz!

Yesterday I was able to get the BMC 29 out for another test ride with the new Fox fork on it. One word.... WOW! that tapered steerer makes the bike super solid up front and I feel like I can make the bike take lines that I want it to no matter where I'm at on the trail, it makes me feel that confident. The bike is already SUPER STIFF due to the formed top tube and the thick aluminum sidewalls in the frame. The Niner was a smidge lighter but I would say that they are even stevens when compared to one another due to the 2012 Niner having the tapered head tube. There is one "tiny" thing but Im not going to nit pick. Very nice bikes indeed! I would like to have a kermit green Niner though, I just love that color! Word is kermit green "may" return in the future.

Tomorrow I have an interview with Buster Brown for a part-time position early in the mornings. A little influx of cash during the holiday season would be nice! With the Digital Media schooling in my life I'm wanting a BIG monitor since the ones at the DMC have spoiled me. An SLR camera is also on my radar since I will be needing it for classes. Wants, wants, wants why can't humans ever be "satisfied"?

LAter G......................

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