Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday Night Ride @ETSU

The first ride of the weekly Wednesday night rides was cancelled due to alot of rain last week. This week's weather was perfect though, perfect says I. Hampton Trails donated a sweet multi tool for one of the lucky riders. Sally walked away with the prize after "we drew sticks" to see who would win.

There was 14 riders when I first counted but a few more showed after we were riding because I saw them at the end. Some opted for 2 laps, some did one and a few others did 1 1/2 laps. I honestly thought we wouldn't need our lights but we did, it grew dark fast after we started! Half way through the ride mine stopped working and I followed Steve for half a lap to get out. That can get quite hairy at times if I didn't hold his wheel.

Alot of people told me they were glad a ride has been posted that will continue weekly. We have great trails and a secure place to park your vehicle so it's a win win. We may meet a buffalo once or twice to mix thangs up a little but for now we'll be at ETSU every Wednesday at 6:30 until Christmas if anyone wants to join us for trail riding fun!

Yes women are welcome too. There was only one gal that was there and it was her first night ride, Melissa had a ball! We even had a celeb show too! Mike Brown tends to show up every now and again to our rides but he's cool and doesn't rip our legs off. About half way through the testosterone got to flowing pretty good by the speed of things. A couple of peeps checked out on the front. It was a great ride though.

I'm guessing there would have been way over 20 people if the guys on the team weren't packing for USAC Collegiate Nationals. The A riders left at 6am this morning flying to Angel Fire resort in New Mexico. Last night Ol' Man Winter showed up and left an 8 inch blanket of snow for them. I've already heard that they are on the mountain with leaf blowers (???) cleaning the trails. This should even the playing field somewhat, ya think?

LAter G..................

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