Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I made a plan and stuck to it this year for Christmas shopping! With that said I totally finished Christmas shopping a week early this year. Yesterday I had some errands to run and some final things to do before the big move next week. It's amazing how much "stuff" one can accumulate just by living life. I hauled a bunch of boxes and two buggies full of clothes to the Goodwill so if your looking for some cycling related Tshirts for .75 cents Goodwill is your place.

After all that hoopla I was to head to the shop to throw out a life ring. Supposedly it was over ran with many a customer. (I even had customers texting me and Facebooking me as I was headed in to the shop). Upon arrival I find: B laying in the floor assembling a Christmas present (scraper bike) for a customer, several people in the shop needing help and B looking totally frazzled. I jumped in and we both managed to get the customers moving on their merry way completely satisfied with presents for their loved ones. A couple of high end BMC's were paid for while I was helping too! It's kinda cool that you will get to meet spouses that you have never met when they come in to get gift certificates or stocking stuffers for their loved ones. It's kinda funny also that ya meet people that have nice bikes but you never see them on the road or trails and from the looks of their bikes they have to ride quite a bit. Loners I guess, some peeps don't like to socialize in groups, no biggie just ride your bike and enjoy it; that's what it's all about anyway.

Just before I left the shop we exchanged gifts and tidy'd up a bit then headed for the house. B gave me a sweet pair of PI shoes in my fav color, they are so comfy too!

Getting presents from a bike shop makes me feel like being 8yrs old again! I really love working at the shop. I've always heard older men talk in hindsight about working and their jobs in their life. That old saying "if you find something you truly love to do and can make a living doing it you'll never work a day in your life". There have been days that were crazy and a couple crazy customers at the shop but I have never been more content and totally happy with a job in my life working in the bicycle industry. It is true that one won't get rich doing this but there is more to life than money. Well, that's my vision anyway. I hope to take my education to a different side of the bicycle industry when I graduate, from retail to some part of the manufacturing process and I don't care if I have to relocate.

I know so many people that have went to school, paid thousands of dollars for a college education and/or multiple degrees then realize it's not what they like. They work jobs unrelated to what they studied and aren't happy, can't find a job in their field of study (legit reason) or just complacent with where they're at, why? Do you go to work all gloomy or do you have a bounce in your step when heading out the door every morning? One's job effects one's inner self greatly. So just find a job doing what you love (ask yourself this; what do I love doing most of all? Then find a place (or create that place; entrepreneur) that will let you...) and you'll probably never "work" a day the rest of your life! Think about it...

Merry Christmas & God Bless everyone!

LAter G.................

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