Wednesday, December 28, 2011

AND... Not one Hardtail!

Mountain Bike Magazine has a story on "their choice" for best 2012 bikes. I try to keep up with stuff like this being in the biz and all. But I'm also skeptical to use these reviews as bench marks for the upcoming new 2012 bikes due to the demographics here. Everytime you read these articles the bikes have been tested out west somewhere in California or Moab. I've ridden my bike in many states when I was an over-the-road truck driver and I've also been on vacation on Moab. After three days In Moab I was very bored and longed for the Appalachian trees and single track that my region is so blessed with.

I am particularly interested in one bike though! A six inch travel trail bike that pedals efficiently? Wow! Enter Yeti SB-66. It's true I'm a big Yeti fan and would love to ride one of these! That's alot of bike though at 29.5 lbs to be climbing very far with.

Now of course all the big three got a spot on the top 12 with Special-ed getting two in the article. Niner, as I expected, had earned a spot with the carbon RDO but it's well deserved they make nice stuff. One thing; where the hell are the hardtails? The article says nothing of specific disciplines, just these are the best 12 bikes of 2012? BULLPUCKY!! I would assume that they are referencing ALL bikes because they have XC, Trail and DH bikes on the list. Anywho this will help one local shop that caters to all the "garage biked" riders in our region. They'll read this, run right down there, buy the bike, ride it a couple of times then hang in the garage for who knows how long. Poor bike! I'm mean? Well it's what happens alot more than you think and not only in my region!

Specialized, Trek and Cannondale ALWAYS get a bike in the "top" whatever list because they're the big 3. This crap is like politics; If you've got the money you can get anything you want! The only magazine that gets my approval (big freakin' deal, right) on bike reviews is Dirt Rag. Those cats seem to be more down to earth, a little bit hippish, and a better fit to our region.

One thing noticeable though; most of the bikes are carbon! It's nice to see that carbon has made it's way into the manufacturing process of almost all bicycle companies.

OH! I have to slam one choice for sure... the Kona??? Really???? I wonder what the "testers" got for adding that one to the list?? DH Bikes account for less than 5% of bikes sales in the U.S. so why in the hell does a DH bike make top 12 in 2012? Sorry for the rant today...

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