Thursday, December 15, 2011

Plastic 29er Bikes

I was wanting a carbon 29er but since BMC put the halt to the release of the TE29 carbon frame on hold for another year I figured I would just wait. I'm always wheelin' and dealin' when it comes to bikes so while I'm being patient I'm going to give China carbon bikes a try. I know 3 people that have purchased a carbon China frame from Ebay and really like what they bought. I'm always surfing Ebay just for research on anything cycling related. I have found several carbon frames and I'm just about ready to pull the trigger. Most all of the Ebay frames look just like some of the high end bikes on the showroom floors in all of our neighborhoods! They are just raw or unpainted.

There are many on Ebay but I have posted only a few here and only one major brand as to not hurt some peoples feelings. The resemblance is scary. I've heard comments like "they are seconds" or "they are pieces that didn't make it through quality check" Well for that I have one response... How the hell do you know? Last time I checked these professional commentators don't even work in the cycling industry, not even at retail level. Heaven forbid they ride something that doesn't have a decal on it. Most folks, including myself, could take a "blind" bike ride test and not be able to tell if the bike we rode that looked identical to all the others was different in any way or not. So to that I'm doing an experiment that entails me getting one of these plastic frames and reviewing it. I'll be comparing it to the Specialized, Niner, Lynskey and BMC I have all owned and ridden thoroughly. The Ebay frames run from a measley $329 to $750 so if it doesn't suit me I won't be out much.

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