Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another One in the Books

It's the same old thing from everyone this time of year... rush, rush, rush and tons of stress. If it's not students bitchin' about finals and their self-procrastination it's everyone else complaining about something holiday related. Yesterday I finished my last final and I think I did better than expected. I'm happy as a tick on a dog's back says I.

Tuesday night after 2 finals the seniors were giving their portfolio presentations to the instructors and it was open to the students of digital media as well. The instructors invited us to see what we would be in for later when we graduate. Tuesday night's presentation consisted of seniors 2D design, Thursday night for 3D. Was it good? No says I! Not to be a hater but only one senior impressed me and not by very much. I think it was because he had created a bicycle catalog in his portfolio. I hope they teach me better or I absorb the courses better than these cats did..... whew!

I still haven't ridden any due to the fact I'm afraid I'll aggravate my injury (I'm a wuss). I stood at the door twice with bike in hand but I've talked myself out of it, dam I'm get'n old. I will be on the road bike this weekend sometime though. I need to see how much pedaling the ankle can withstand. If that works out well I may try to get into the woods but the only thing concerning me is if I have to put my left ankle down abruptly it may add to the injury which means more limping around and I'm sooooo tired of being a gimp.

I guess my mountain bike mileage will set "as is". There are a few of us in our region that are having a small informal contest for "the most mtb mileage" for the year. I haven't kept up with it much cuz I'm out of the loop but I'll soon hear trash talk on FB probably. I'm embarrassed to be such a cycling fanatic and only have a little over 1K in on the mountain bike to be honest. I mean it's a large part of my lifestyle I should have much more. I've put in alot of mileage on the road bike and have some respectable mileage on the CX bike too but my main passion is the mountain bike. I'm certain that I won't be buying anyone a 6'er of their favorite brew for getting the least mileage though. All this mileage chat here brings to mind a few people that have ridden well over 7K on their road bikes this season, impressive - that's alot of mileage on a bike of any kind, kudos!

One more day at my "school" job then 2 weeks off before trekking to Wisconsin for Nats!

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