Tuesday, January 3, 2012

No More Chian Slap????

Per Shimano;

"A new addition to the SHIMANO XTR Dyna-Sys drivetrain is the RD-M985 SHADOW
PLUS rear derailleur. It features a switch at the pulley cage to enforce a heavier
spring tension and activate a friction stabilizer to counteract the forces of up and
down chain momentum in rough terrain.

Chain bouncing can often cause noise as the chain slaps the top and bottom of the
chain stay, or even derail from the front chain ring in extreme circumstances.

The switch when selected to the “ON” position dampens the cage and consequent
chain movement for a nearly silent and stable riding experience. In the “OFF”
position it eases the installation and removal of the rear wheel by relaxing the spring
tension of the cage."

This little thing is supposed to eliminate chain slap, we'll see soon!

LAter G.........

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Andy said...

When I broke my XT 773 rear der I considered getting this XTR. Price kept me from it so I got the XT 780. I read a review that said at the high "anti slap" tension shifting was very hard and wore your thumb out. They recommended flipping the leaver depending on trail conditions. The idea of doing that ranks right up there with stopping to lower a seatpost.