Sunday, January 29, 2012


New carbon goodness arrived this week in the form of another BMC! This time it was Melissa's turn getting a new bike. She opted for a BMC Team Machine with a SRAM Force groupo on it. After switching her Reynolds carbon wheels over to it she's ridden the crap out of it this weekend. I think she rode 127 miles this Saturday and Sunday alone! Go girl! Before she rode on Saturday......

It was time for the 3rd annual Texas Roadhouse Pancake Breakfast, a fundraiser for the ETSU Cycling team. As usual there were bikers of all disciplines. It's nice to see the roadies from the road club and mountain bikers all at the same table "so to speak".

I was really surprised when I saw Sully the gnome setting on a table. I guess gnomes get hungry for pancakes too! The local mtb club, NTMBA, have copied a little thing that's been going on in Pisgah for quite some time. Gnome hidden in the woods, find gnome in the woods, re-hide gnome in the woods... start over. It makes for interesting reading on the website and blogs.

Here above we have Stefan, a road team member, stirring the batter for the pancakes. He's a Lyndsey Wilson graduate who came to ETSU to get his masters. He's been a great addition to the team.

This pic above is the Milligan College Cycling Team's table. They won the award for using the most condiments. I almost barfed when I saw one of those guys soaking his pancakes in Worcestershire sauce and then dipping each bite in syrup. WHEW! Another dude was dipping his in A-1 sauce...... No telling what they were using the rest of that sauce for! What a team!

The boyz on the grill saw COB walk in and they started cooking a special pancake just for him! He was super awesome about it too! He covered it in syrup and ate it! We love COB!

We had a skeleton crew show up but we managed to handle the customers because turnout was a little down from last year. In the end it was a huge success and we made enough to cover this year's road season's race fees! Super big ole thanks to everyone that came out and supported us!

Tomorrow........ the ride report on the China Twenty Nine-a!

LAter G......................

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