Sunday, February 5, 2012

Amazing Winter Weather

While at the shop last week the mail lady dropped off a big 'nilla envelope because it wouldn't fit in the mailbox. After B came in after riding to the bank, he does that alot - probably the only shop owner that does that in the area, he opened up the big envelope and pulled out this little award. I'm assuming that a whole lot of shops get these little recognition awards so I snapped a quick pic with the iPhone and out to FB land it went. I got a little chuckle when another shop in the area copycatted me (boo). I should have cropped this though, you can see my feet!

As I've been learning a few skills in the new software programs at school I've been messing around with a many things. I drew this design out in Adobe Illustrator trying to keep it a little on the abstract side to possibly apply on the candy van. I also threw the BMC logo on it just for giggles.

The riding weather has been just awesome around here in East Tennessee lately. Mid 50's to low 60's in January and February. The base mileage has been coming along and I'm looking forward to some more intense riding soon. So far the winter has been extremely mild with only one snow that barely covered the ground. Many rides have been taking place!

There's one section of our trail that needs some work so there are a couple of us getting ready to tackle that. We hardly ever get any outside help but we manage. It's what we do for our fellow students and people of our community, I don't care if they know who or why we do it as long as they are out there using it so it doesn't get taken away. Sure everyone would like more man power but it's no biggie. Our main workhorse, Ben, has done gone an R.U.N.N.O.F.T. last year. He's now living in Ohio with Erin, his wife, who is pursuing her career as a doctor. We miss both of 'em. Ben used to put, sometimes, 30+ hrs a week into our trails and it shows. We have nice stuff! If you're ever in the East Tn area stop by and take a spin on our trails, each lap will get ya 5+ miles so ride it 2 or 3 times for a nice technical workout! We are in the process of naming the trails and putting signage up with direction markers! Campus Rec really has got behind us on making sure we have what we need to keep a safe and nice trail system. Next they are supplying the funds/manpower to have a concrete starting gate for 4X and possibly slalom along with a new DH start platform. The engineering dept has already drawn up the plans and all the specs for what we'll need. They are supposed to be "flagging" soon! That's about all the news I have concerning ETSU, cya.

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