Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'm not a huge sports fan but when big games roll around I'll get together with a few cycling peeps and watch the things and talk bikes. I didn't care who won but I am a Manning fan. I like the whole family so I guess I'm a manning family fan. These professional players make way too much money to make as many mistakes as they do in my little opinion.

This play right here was down right embarrassing to be blunt! The game on the line and not one defensive player near this dude so he could just sit/fall across the TD line? Yo all you overpaid A-holes that were supposed to be defending the goal line.... well, you all won't be getting the last paycheck and you may owe me a partial refund on your last one.

Not much going on in the biking scene around here. Peeps training, a few folks going down to Georgia for the Snake Gap TT, trail building at a few places around here, peeps getting new bikes, roadies getting ready for Greenville SC spring racing and last but not least me getting grumpier in my old age. Yea the older I get the less patience I have for stupid people. So if I piss ya off look the other way, I'll calm down eventually... I guess.

LAter G......................

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