Friday, February 24, 2012

BMC is a coming to town!

I'm totally stoked about the recent news that BMC is bringing the rolling Demo Show to our little neck of the woods! I will say that BMC does B pretty good though, they should! He's been the largest seller of BMC bikes in the U.S. (brick & motor division) several times. He's been treated to a free trip to Switzerland and several other perks for maintaining an exceptional level of sales.

BMC will be here on April 1st just for a day. Another huge perk is that I ran this across B and then had it approved to have the demo day at East Tennessee State University! Oh yea baby! BMC doods are going to get to see our sweet single track and ride THEIR bikes on our sweet trails! I see nothing but a win win here! I received the email of approval this morning to use the facilities. Woot woot!

Since the weather went to "hell in a hand basket" today I'm staying home instead of going to the Conyers Bike Expo tomorrow. The weather there is supposed to be similar to what it's going to be here so a couple of us are going to get some hours in on Buffalo. Melissa is off on a team training camp in Nantahala, NC. She's going to freeze her bunns off! She doesn't like the cold at all.... tomorrow's high? mid 40's! Brrrrrrrrrrr

You know since I'm constantly on the computer ALL the time for stuff at school I take alot of breaks to surf the internetz and see what's happening in the cycling world be it mountain, cyclocross or road. When I find simple things that look like they will work I like to pass along that info. The peeps over at Bike Radar had a little article that I'm going to briefly go over on my blog but I'll post the link if you wanna read a professional journalist's take on this...

If you have some packing tape, we know that you do, you can easily make this right in your own home... even if you can't cut paper!

Save that packing material from where you buy stuff off the internetz (come on we all do it) so you can use it for this simple project.

Cut up that foam celled packing material to make a sleeve or packet for your bladder. The person that did the one up above must be a seamstress or something, it's pretty good! If your just an average Joe just do the bestest you can... Note; tape and seal it really well and your camel pouch won' sweat and drip all over you while you ride.

Here's the finished product on their web page. I think they did a really good job since they knew it was to be published! It's really a simple idea that's really a huge benefit when it's really hot out. If your training though it's not a good idea to be drinking COLD drinks when you train because it takes needed energy away from your body to digest the cold drink (just an added tidbit that you probably already knew). Anywho thank the good folks ( well I'm not sure they're good folks or not I don't know them at all I just read some of their stuff from time to time and you should too if you're smart or sorta smart) over at for this simplistic easy and practical idea!

Oh news on the bike repair stations like in Asheville, NC........ I sent our campus director an email with that same pic attached to it and we now have 3 soon to be installed repair stations that will be located somewhere on campus for anyone to use. That's so freakin' sweet! Campus will be as cool as downtown Asheville. Johnson City won't....... go figure.

LAter G.........................

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