Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Daytona! Every NASCAR redneck anticipates the first race of the season in Feb! I'm not a huge NASCAR fan mind ya but I probably could learn to be if they would start racing on Monday nights! This sure as hell beats Monday Night Football! Then........ Montoya punts a jet dryer truck in the arse.... lord, what a Joe! Why in the hell is he traveling that fast under caution getting back to the pack anyway?? NASCAR Safety should limit speeds ON the track under caution just like pit row speed me thinks.

Twitter was running amuck with jokes of all kinds and not all of them were very nice either! That Brad Keseloski dude got over 150K followers while under red, that's sick!

During the down time I pulled out a new mag I got in the mail today and whatcha know....Sram bashing goin' on! This time XX hydros get'n a dose of the truth. They only managed 3 stars too. For $400+ per set these should bring 6 out of a 5 star rating! Alas another so so product from Sram.....AGAIN.

Someone was complaining about XX the other day and said that they had called Sram complaining about the durability of the XX. The CS rep on the phone told this person that for durability they should purchase XO because the XX is "race quality" and meant for racing only.
For a stronger and better lasting drivetrain for trail riding XO was the level needed stated the CS rep. I wonder why they dont advertise this in the magazines? LMAO.

Here in this new article it states Sram has "tweaked" them again. Keep trying Sram. One day they may get it right. I really don't understand how they keep their following..... I so wish I was allowed to keep data on broken parts that come through the shop.

3 outa 5?? for mega bucks?? That's like buying a Chevy Corvette for $60K and getting the performance of a Ford Fusion, ya think?

LAter G................

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