Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Made a What On That Test???

Well, today didn't go as planned! This morning was absolutely beautiful then it went to nasty cool rainy weather just after lunch. The ride I had planned went bust. So far since mid Jan I've made a plan and been able to stick with it although I don't like it. Several hours per week for a steady base before I start a building block. B has been giving me hell about this too! I took Ben's advice and read the Training Bible, bought and now using a PT, so far so good. Anyone that knows anything of me knows that I despise training because it takes something I love to do and makes it work. I'm not specifically training for anything I just want to go faster and build power in my legs is all. The last two years I have totally sucked when it comes to racing. Finishing in the back half of races has taken it's toll (it actually blows to be slow). The only thing I can still manage to do is make the mains at BMX races. So hopefully this summer I'll have a little more pep in these legs.

Classes have mellowed a tad but that dam Calc II class is kicking my a$$! I didn't fare to well on the first exam because I'm an idiot and don't know all the functions on my fancy calculator, I'm such a tard! I thought I did reasonably well on that first exam and I whipped through it pretty fast. When we were handed back the graded tests Tuesday I nearly fell out of my seat! Ouch, this is going to make for a long semester!

On the trail front our trail manager went MIA for a month and was released and or resigned, who knows. I was second in line for this so I've now been promoted to trail manager. One good thing; it does come with a paycheck! Two jobs at the college now! The school and grounds have a new set of trail rules to help reduce liability and manage them better. It's amazing all the red-tape that one has to go through to cut down a twig of a tree! Since Ben has left, if there are any huge trees down I place a work order and someone certified will come out and remove it. As for keeping the trail benched and maintained that's all on the club and myself to manage. There are also a few trails that will be added in the growth plan to be made by a trail building company. We've managed to acquire some funding from the school to get this accomplished. The school is wanting a main artery into the woods that provides easy access for a gator or ambulance in case of any emergencies which is a good idea I think.


Coming soon is the annual Spring race we host for USAC Gravity Nationals. April 14th we'll have some of the best riders in the country letting it all hang out on the ETSU trail system. The race is only one day though. Saturday we'll have the DH and Dual Slalom races and there is usually a heavy turnout with nearly 100+ riders getting qualified so they can compete at the USA Nationals held at Beech Mountain, NC in the fall. Nope, sorry there isn't going to be an XC race this year! We appreciate the 17 riders that came out last year but we can't put out the man-power for low turnout like that. Too much work for so little return. It should be a good fundraiser though this is the $$ that provides us with lodging and supplies needed to compete during the MTB season in the fall. The other fundraiser will be May 26 - Pedalfest!

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