Monday, February 20, 2012

RETURN of the LIVING DEAD Part; 738,456,245,962,364

Lord what have they, at SRAM, done now? It looks as if they've brought back the "grip shift" (coming in April). SRAM boys..., there's a reason that people gravitated away from those things... it sucked and if you used the cheapy, X-9 or lower, grip shifters it sucked on a level so bad it can't be counted because it's off in a far far distant universe. Everyone knows that I'm not a SRAM fan, it's no secret. Why? because I see so much of it come through the shop broken, that's it plain and simple (mostly road though in SRAM's defense). I don't hate on it because certain peeps use it, that's ludicrous! It's because it's sub par with what's out there to choose from. SRAM would be bankrupt, everyone knows, if it wasn't for their superb customer service. Props to SRAM's CS!

Me thinks I made Capt. Dingo upset with a set of brakes he purchased from me right after I got the BMC TE029 back in CX season. I don't use hydro brakes plain and simple. Why? Because the Avid BB7s are the most simple, efficient design on the market bar none (why yes its a SRAM product and I don't hate on it....WOW! OH, I also use XX cranks 'cuz they're not SRAM cranks but Truvativs - They just bought them and put their SRAM stickers on them so it doesn't count!) and, I don't think I myself have ever seen a BB7 set returned broken to our shop. I like the pull brake lever, lever pulls cable, cable activates brakes. Oh, pad adjustment?? Click, click......DONE! I do from time to time get hydros to "try out" when on clearance to see what improvements have been made in the market then sell them uber cheap to someone's benefit.

Well Capt. Dingo jumped right on the Avids I took off the BMC so they are considered "new take-offs" in Internet land. He also got them pretty cheap too as I recall! I think it was in '10 when SRAM sent a memo out to shops asking them to bleed certain models before releasing OEM bikes equipped with their brakes due to a small flaw at manufacturing, no biggie more free labor from all shops. (It's pretty sad when a major part of a bike isn't up to snuff when shipped to retailers) They, SRAM, since have supposedly "fixed" the said problems and bikes arrive ready to roll. I'm sorry if ya didn't like them bud but they were take-offs from a new bike and I never intentionally sold you anything bad on purpose. Those were 2012's long after said problems which have now been fixed. Once again ANOTHER inferior product from a company that everyone loves so much and I'll never understand why...

Many people I hear through local threads and FB land are always having to bleed the Avids especially when chainging pads( did ya miss the punn? chain-ging?? HUH??). (reason #1,000,238 I dislike SRAM stuff) Some people say "I've had mine for seven plus years and have never had to bleed them". What??? I'm thinking you don't put many miles on that there biswickle huh? Or you never ride in nasty conditions..... If you've got away with not bleeding them that long we're gonna put you right over here in the "dam I'm lucky room" with the dude that won door #2 on "Let's Make a Deal" and some crazy chick from 'The Price is Right" that won the showcase showdown! How ya gonna compete with that? HUH??

Like I said... I'm not a fan of hydros but if I "had to" I would use Shimanos. Mineral oil hydros rock except for Mauguras. If you think you bleed Avids alot go get a set of Maguras! You'll become a master at bleeding those in about 4 weeks or be wearing a wig from pulling all your hair out.

So SRAM, bring back that cable pulling, pipe on a handlebar, 2 pice grip, twisty gadget and we'll see where they are in 5 years. Then I'll be able to say once again... "I told ya so". Oh - I know, I know, there will be 87 old school die hards that get boners until April waiting on these to get to their LBS..... so sad - but good news for the wives or GF's huh?

LAter G.....................

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